2004 Holden Commodore 25th Anniversary Wagon V6 from Australia and New Zealand


A lot of comfort, practicality and performance in an affordable family car


Power steering hoses replaced.

Air conditioning pump replaced.

Brake disc's warped machined on two occasions to rectify.

Brakes pads rattle.

Rear numberplate light globes keep blowing (6 globes).

First set of factory fitted Bridgestone tyres only lasted 30,000 kms. replaced with Simex probably get a full 45,000 from then.

General Comments:

Being an Australian car the it has been built for the Australian market, cost, quality and availability. In doing so Holden has come up with a good car, solid reliable and at an affordable price.

I do a lot of driving, mostly in regional areas and a bit on dirt, I am surprised at the condition of the car now. I do give it a hard time, but at the end of each trip to the bush it gets a wash and still looks and drives like new, very impresive.

Comfort levels are very adequate on not lacking in any way, comfortable and yet still practical. For cleaning, wear and tear resistance I'll give it a 9/10.

I do however long for a better transmission, this one a 4 speed automatic, seems to be hesitant and indecisive. When overtaking, from 100kms I find pulling it back to 3rd helps. I hope the newer Vz model has this sorted out.

Yes I am happy with car even though I did have some teething problems at the start, but Holden true to their word fixed all with little fuss.

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Review Date: 28th April, 2005

26th Jun 2006, 06:35

UPDATE AT 120,000kms.

Well I’ve owned the above car now for near on 2½ years and a few things have worn. I replaced the front brake rotors at 115,00kms worn out due to the machining every 30,000kms. I’m not hard on brakes, but these discs keep warping, I spoke to a spare parts guy who told me the first thing the NSW police upgrade on their Commodores is the rotors. I broke one of the rear shocks, the external tube came away from the top weld, understandable from some of the roads I travel on, but the old EF & EL Falcons never did this on the same roads. The front seats have faded a bit from the sun? The Gunmetal colour on the dash is easily scratched and looks a bit shabby now. The front end seems to loosen up between services and always needs tightening, always feels more sure footed and quieter after service.

Yes I still like the car even after these annoying, but understandable worn parts, but will definitely be looking at all similar cars when I replace it in the next 12 months.

Would I recommend one??? Mmmmm, yes I still think you get a lot of car for your dollars, and cheap for repairs after reading about some of the Euro repair bills.

11th Nov 2007, 23:52

Well, the car has done 170,000kms and has reached the end of its time with me. It has served me well over the past years, but sadly things are starting to wear out. The interior hasn't stood the test of wear and tear well, drivers seat is loose and the padding needs re-doing. The carpet is still looking good thanks to the regular washing and caring.

Mechanically, it's time to go, the service bills are getting bigger and my mechanic is constantly tightening and adjusting parts for me. So goodbye Australian made cars, its Japan's go now.

2004 Holden Commodore VN 3.8 V6 from Australia and New Zealand




The powersteering is a bit noisy at full lock.

The muffler is about to fall off, already broken, but sounds like a V8.

Stuck in 1st gear on the highway once due to the dumb driver (me) not checking the AT fluid regularly enough... no damage thankfully.

General Comments:

The VN Commodore is an extremely good value for money car. Although they're getting old and worn out, it's still going as good as ever. Cosmetically, this car has seen better days. I.e. the seals around the doors come loose, the carpet near the bottom of the doors is starting to peel off, a bit of rust in the boot, could do with a cut and polish.

This car is awesome off the line at those interesting round about situations when you don't know weather to go or not... so you put your foot down a little harder than you probably should have.

It is great overtaking on the highway. Planting the foot going 100 km/h drops it into 2nd with amazing acceleration. Although it is a big, heavy car, it doesn't seem it due to good all round disc brakes and powersteering... although in the wet this car is a whole different story. It is so easy to lose the back end around a corner, even if your driving like a grandpa.

This is by no means an off road car. It is not a dirt road car, not even a wet grass car. My Mitsubishi Colt went more places than this car will ever go. It is almost impossible to drive up the slightest incline on wet grass. The back wheels spin on the slightest touch of the accelerator and you will end up heading south (i.e. the wrong way)

On dirt roads it has the worst handling out of just about any car. No limited slip differential makes it very easy to get bogged, even on dry gravel if you manage to get one of the back wheels in a pot hole or ditch.

On bitchumen roads it is one of the best cars for its age in terms of performance, value for money and handling. It's actually not so bad on juice, contrary to popular belief. Whoever tells you that it chews through petrol must drive with a damn heavy foot. Just drive like a Corolla and get Corolla fuel economy... drive like a V8 Monaro and get V8 economy, minus the performance, and the chicks.

Not a car for P-Platers, although I'm an L-Plater.

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Review Date: 5th November, 2004