2007 Holden Commodore VE 3.6 V6 from Australia and New Zealand


The billion dollar baby is outstanding, and great value for money


The only thing was the rear passenger window would not go up - initially it worked on purchase, and then it worked intermittently, then stopped going up until fixed.

General Comments:

This is a VE Omega 2007 Sedan auto.

I like the car, roomy, sedate at lower speeds and extremely manoeuvrable in suburban streets, yet plenty of power when required.

Handling is outstanding, brakes give great safety certainty, and ESP suspension first class. Highway driving is superb.

Cruises effortlessly with excellent economy.

I have driven the car for 10000k, and every time I get in, I look forward to the the journey - that's a good indicator, do you agree?

I have also read professional reviews in car magazines and they give it high praise, and I respect those views.

The car has been criticised for low quality plastics - maybe true a bit, but not an issue - the dash above the steering wheel is excellent quality.

I have also read about how Holden is regarded internationally, and it is in the top echelon around the world for design, sophistication and excellence, and that reputation is growing. Holden have been on the the verge of selling 1 million Caprices or Statemans to US - the LA place - have not heard the outcome, but the Global Financial Crisis may have Obama thinking twice - a lot of autoworkers are out of work there, so it may be difficult for Aussie imports in that climate. But again, it is a very good indicator.

Finally, I recently drove the 3 litre V6 SIDI Omega Commodore - so quiet, so sedate, so smooth - first local manufacturer to move down this track - so ahead of the local pack - do you agree?

Holden service centres are 10 out of 10 for service.

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Review Date: 23rd February, 2010

2007 Holden Commodore VE 3.6 alloytech from Australia and New Zealand


Overpriced piece of rubbish


Nothing has gone wrong with the car.

General Comments:

Car is very comfortable and had plenty of room inside, but this car lacks a lot of power for a 3.6 litre engine, shame on Holden.

If this car is compared to the Toyota Aurion, it is nothing like it at all, it's a piece of junk compared to the Aurion.

I drive a 1997 Toyota Soarer, and my Soarer is like driving a dream compared to this VE the company I work for lent me.

The transmission is very clunky, and on and off the accelerator I can feel a lot of clunks and the gear change is shocking. The engine is very noisy from the front end, poor engineering for a 2007 model car from Holden, my Soarer turbo sounds quieter than the engine on the VE.

I highly recommend to anyone go for a Toyota Aurion over one of these, you will regret the VE Omega.

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Review Date: 18th August, 2008

15th Sep 2008, 01:49

So you rate this car a 3 out of 10 for reliabilty when you mentioned nothing has gone wrong with the car...

18th May 2010, 02:52

I agree with you very much mate. I had the same problems!!! Great review!! 10/10.

2nd Jan 2012, 23:45

I had one that I bought from the auctions for a decent price for my girlfriend, and when I got in it and shut the door, it nearly made me deaf.

I drove it back from the coast, and it was really revvy, it didn't want to cruise along, it kept wanting to changing down gears, it was horrible.

About two months after I bought it, I took a load to the tip with my trailer, and had it all hitched up, and was driving along, and the whole car jolted and the trailer hand come off, so I pulled over, and the whole cross member bar that the tow-bar is bolted onto had sheared clean off.

Rang my girlfriend to pick me up in my Falcon, and towed the trailer to the tip with my Falcon. I ended up just flogging the Commodore off. I must admit the dash and the instruments were good, but that's about it.

14th Jan 2012, 20:02

Sounds like pure, defamatory conjecture. I am a Ford man, but was very impressed with the SV6 I rented last time I was in Australia - very quiet and with a composed ride, it was also a lot of fun. While the V6 doesn't have the whiplash-inducing torque of Ford's big I6, it revs very freely and has great power for involved driving. It also has a fantastic, albeit subtle, exhaust note.