2012 Holden Commodore VE II Omega 3.0 V6 from Australia and New Zealand


Stay away from this car


The Bad:

- After 1,000km the torque converter was found to be defective and a recall was placed in effect for all similar models.

- The paintwork is cheap and flaky; incredibly easy to scratch down to bare metal with a mild hail storm.

- 'Leather' seats are some kind of unpleasant synthetic material; I would assume the choice of material boiled down to comfort vs heat generation.

- Interior consists of cheap collapsible plastic trim; easy to visibly scratch and dent.

- In-car sat nav is dated back to 2007 maps, and subsequent updates to rectify this issue have not been released.

The Good:

- Upgraded wheel and tyre package maintain grip, and combined with the TRC, it generates performance potential.

General Comments:

This car was designed to be easily interchangeable depending on the area it is sold, and you are not rewarded with the sense that you have supported a local business; unlike other Holden models I have owned.

This car is an example of the direction in which car manufacture is headed, and why I will be looking into other brands that present a certain distinction of quality and uniqueness GM once had.

In terms of performance, there are better cars out there that offer much more for much less.

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Review Date: 2nd March, 2014

4th Mar 2014, 02:47

Base Commodore Omega's don't come with "leather". Should I assume this review is fake, or do you have your sub-models mixed up with the Calais variants or SV6/SS with optional leather, although they don't come with a 3.0 V6?

17th Mar 2014, 02:25

It could of been a limited edition Z series model. They came with leather interior, even in the base model Omega.

25th May 2014, 05:31

Sorry to hear about those faults. The older Commodores were OK. But Ford, Toyota and Hyundai are better cars.

I am 17. I just got a 2004 Ford Falcon BA XT (I am a huge Ford fan).

Anyway, good luck with your Holden.

17th Jan 2020, 06:34

Ford is crap.