21st Sep 2007, 20:54

You are obviously a Ford lover. You've got it all wrong, I hired an Omega for a month while I was in the Gold Coast and nothing went wrong at all. I think it's a beautiful car and Holden have done really well to pick up the quality of their vehicles. Yes the engine and transmission are disappointing, but I think you're just in denial because Ford cannot match Holden for quality, power, luxury etc.

Before you ask I have driven in many BA Falcons, 380s and the all new Aurion, but still none of those are anywhere near the Omega. Many of my friends own BA Falcons and can't stop complaining about the leaks, rattles, odd engine noises and even digital read out and speedo issues and everytime their kids try to get in the back of the car, they hit their heads (and they're 5 and 7).

4th Oct 2007, 03:49

As stated in my review, I am a Nissan Skyline owner and fan... have never owned a Ford.

8th Oct 2007, 09:02

Well I'm gonna state this, everybody builds an occasional bad car, get over it.

Even Nissan can build a bad car.

5th Jan 2008, 21:39

I don't think the VE is a one-off bad car. Commodores have never been known for build quality and reliability. It might boast about dynamics, but the reviewer is right: fundamentally it's flawed.

21st Jan 2008, 20:48

Holden Commodres have always been garbage so this review is not suprising.

29th Apr 2008, 03:38

Amazing how everybody here thinks the new Holdens are cr@p yet you still see so many of them on he road, just think about it.

16th May 2008, 07:30

I'm somewhat surprised but at the same time I should expect this. A bad review comes up of a Commodore and the guy must be a Ford fan. Every car manufacturer can have problems, sometimes based on development, sometimes based on production line time. Failure rates in mass produced cars, such as the Commodore for example are higher than that of lower produced cars, such as the Mitsubishi 380, due to the lower stresses to push it through the assembly line to keep up high numbers of production.

Owned 3 Holdens, Never owned a Ford. Several Mitsubishi's, A Toyota or two. Many a Chrysler. 2 Mazdas. You tend to notice things when you shift around the auto industry so frequently.

25th Jan 2009, 06:12

The reason why you see so many Commodores on the road, is because people are fooled by its good looks and false media coverage, that even had me believe that this time Holden actually did build the best car in the world.

Ha! After more than two years of ownership and first-hand experience, guess who would never be fooled again! Japanese cars are currently the world's most reliable cars produced, we have to admit, proudly Australian or not!

The main reason why I was stuck with the Commodore for this long is because it's resale value is lower than crap.

25th Jan 2009, 15:30

I'd tend to agree with previous comments about the problems with cars that are forced through production. Surveys in Europe show that Skoda (yes, THAT one) cars had far higher reliability and satisfaction ratings than Audi or VW, despite the fact that they use VW/Audi mechanicals and electricals.

Cars these days are far more fragile, unfortunately. Far too many computers (software problem) and electrics, which are susceptible to extreme heat (rather than cold). Notice an earlier comment from a call centre worker saying they get calls from Camry owners when the weather gets hot. If a Camry can have problems, then there's a fundamental problem in how many cars are designed these days.

2nd Apr 2009, 23:40

We have commodore VE's as our work vehicles and they oooze cheapness all over. They do the job for fleet, but it is like driving a tractor, and boy they are slooooow. You feel like going to sleep waiting for them to get to speed, the power delivery is all over the place.

26th Dec 2009, 21:23

Obviously should have read this before committing to my purchase.

Have driven '88 & 99 Camry for years, and only updated for increased towing capacity for a future caravan.

Air con is noisy, impossible to view oncoming traffic at certain angles. Be damned if I know where the back and front of the vehicle is. Today tried to start up. No go, flat battery - great on a 12 month old car! Will have to return to dealer. Like I have an abundance of time for this exercise. Also cannot turn lights off - it is stuck on auto and have lost the cruise control facility. The get up and go is OK, but have been driving 4 cylinder cars for the last 15 or so years. No, NOT a Ford fan after two disasters!


10th Jan 2010, 20:24

The fuel cap is LOCKED as long as the car is LOCKED. It is connected to the central locking, but you obviously couldn't work this out.

What exactly are you comparing this car to?

I used to have a 1996 V8 Holden VR S-Pak Ute and the handling on the new car is so much better, as is everything in general.

I have got the V6 model, and don't find it lacking in power and take off from the lights is great.

The engine is completely quiet. A hire car is MOST CERTAINLY not the best way to rate this car. I have never hired a car that has run as it is supposed to - they are flogged to the death by drivers who don't own them.

11th Jan 2010, 22:34

Just purchased a 2007 Commodore Omega... FANTASTIC! In NZ the Fords feel slow, heavy and the handling is terrible. We had a 2002 Vectra for 5 years previous without any issue. Good stuff Holden!

16th Feb 2010, 17:47

I received a MY10 Omega as a company drive car in Jan 2010, I was driving an SV6 over the Christmas holiday period and was looking forward to the new car. What a let down, the Omega is a shock when you compare it to the handling, drive transition and pure driving comfort of the SV6. If you are a person who likes to drive and enjoys the feel of a responsive and safe vehicle, don't go for the Omega, spend the extra dollars and get the SV6, it's a totally different beast.

As for comparing the Omega with the 5 Series BMW? Don't think so. The 3.6 l motor of the SV6 or the bigger SV8, yes definitely, but not the bottom end of the model. Leave that to the taxis. I was talking to a Police mechanic who works on their patrol cars, Omega and the like, totally different suspension package on them, makes a difference; come on GM, upgrade the ride and handling!

11th Sep 2010, 17:18

I buy fleet cars from the auctions every week, so I get to drive all the Aurions, Falcons and Commodores, and what I would say is that the Omega is a fantastic car. Every single one I have got has been amazing, great cars. I do agree that the SV6 is a way better option if you have the coin, but for a good Australian family car that suits our roads, you can't look past the Omega.

My turn around on these cars are about 10 days from first purchase, with the Fords its about 4 weeks and the Toyotas about three weeks. I also must say though the Aurions are fantastic cars to drive as well.