2nd Oct 2001, 05:43

Hey, in no way am I blaming K mart for the crank angle sensor dying, I just found the overall service given there to be mediocre and half hearted. At that particular service the mechanic hooked up the ignition cables wrong and the engine wasn't firing in sequence! Also being an employee of K Mart myself I thought I deserved a bit more respect than what I was given.

17th Jul 2002, 06:05

Just think, you could have taken the car to Ultra Tune and had it really stuffed up!By the way Holden never manufactured the RB30E engine locally. It was manufactured by Nissan and imported to Australia.

The Buick V6 was secected for the VN Commodore because they considered it to have better torque characteristics and was more suited to the heavier body weight of the larger VN.

3rd Aug 2002, 23:56

I did state that the motor was Japanese in the last paragraph. Holden did initially consider the RB30E engine for the VN, but the cost of importing the motor was too expensive.

My car has suffered more problems:

-1st gear in the transmission died, taking a gamble I replaced it with a cheap 2nd hand box for $300. And guess what that one was cactus too. I have to drive around in power mode up until around 100kmh because the whole car shudders while in overdrive. Good Fun especially on Freeway trips!

-While driving home one dark night the high beam fuse melted in the fuse box leaving me with only low beams.

-Headlights globes died too leaving me with one headlight.

-Brakes shuddered on application had to machine the front disks.

-Positive connection from the battery was shot had to be replaced.

-Replaced studs in the exhaust manifold.

-Replaced middle muffler AGAIN!

-New windscreen.

-Needs a new battery, wheel alignment and new front brake pads.

The list goes on!

3rd Dec 2002, 04:43

Car begun to stall on and off while driving, most of the times while I was stationary at the lights. I took the car too the mechanics, but they could not diagnose the problem at all as it didn't occur during test drives. Since I purchased the VL in 2000 it has had SERIOUS problems all over, transmission dying, brakes, noisy hydraulic lifters, and now this problem that the mechanics can't even pinpoint! At this point sadly I've had enough of the VL, sick and tired of throwing money down the drain. I traded it in on a 1996 VS Exec Commodore, which hopefully will be more reliable in the long term.

24th May 2007, 21:05

Hey, I own a 1986 VL Commodore and it is wicked. It has one small problem; the battery is buggered, but I think that it just needs replacing. I wish to own a Series 1 Calais or just convert my own car.

Thanks james.

3rd Aug 2008, 04:38

Hi everyone, if you have problems with your Commodore VT onwards stalling at light or around corners, or when it's hot, and you have to wait a while for it to start again. It's probably your crank angle sensor; next time it happens pour water on it, it's located at the front of the engine at the top just behind the belt, it'll set you back about 50 bucks to buy one, then you've gotta get it fitted.

8th Sep 2008, 03:39

Does anyone know if the Nissan air flow meter is the same as the Commodore (VL is black & Nissan is grey)?

I tried a Nissan one with a slight improvement, but the engine hesitates badly when you give it a rev or take off; the motor feels flat. Anyone had this experience?

30th Mar 2009, 10:29

If I replace my air flow meter, do I have to reset my computer?

20th Jul 2009, 20:08

I replaced gearbox in my VL, and NOW after you put it in gear and let the clutch out, it makes a noise like it's stripping teeth off something. Could this be a thrust bearing?

18th Sep 2011, 21:03

I have a VL Calais wagon with a Series 2 engine that I've owned since 1987, and have had very few problems with the car whatsoever!

I have now clocked 680,000 Km's, and it still running strong. The car is now 25 years old, and still idles very smoothly and picks up quite well. Every 20,000Km's I do an oil change, check the filter, "hit it with compressed air, and only replace if it needs replacing".

I have gone through 3 sets of rotors; "usually machine them if they get grooved out", and 7 sets of brake pads.

I've changed the diff oil 4 times in the 25 years I've owned it, and generally change the coolant every year or so.

I've only had to replace the water pump once, and the battery terminals once also. Other than that, the spark plugs are now on their fifth set, and leads on their second set.

Crank angle sensor has been replaced twice.

If these cars are looked after well and serviced regularly, they are almost indestructible. The main focus is on these is to keep them serviced just like any car, and they'll last forever and a day. Preventative maintenance will never let you down. I've always fixed something before it dies.

27th Dec 2011, 03:17

Re stopping & restarting. The crank angle sensor needs replacing. Do not buy a substitute i.e. after market, they don't last. Buy a genuine part & it will last for years. I have had the same trouble many years ago. I have two after market sensors.

They are not cheap.

VL owner 14 years. Brian F. Queensland.

7th Jan 2012, 02:57

680,000kms is pretty impressive for a VL. I thought that my 240,000kms was pushing the limits!!! Unfortunately I'm now having the usual VL engine cut out problems. Have replaced coil, checked all leads and connections, checked dizzy and all pipework. Also checked all fuses and relays. All looks fine, but still have the cut out problems. Any ideas out there to sort this???