13th Oct 2002, 09:32

I too have gone from a VN to a VT, and there is really no point comparing the two, due to the advancement of technology over nearly 10 years.

But I too, also noticed the big difference in fuel economy, and I measure it from amount of fuel needed to top up the tank divided by the kilometers actually traveled since last top up. All I could say about the vn motor is that

A) they went like stink for a dinosaur design that they are

B) the economy could be affected by type of wheels, modified exhaust, and condition of motor in general including all filters and injection system. Remember most examples these days are close to 200,000km, some many more, without much having being done to them.

I noticed differences in power/economy after servicing/replacing normal items such as servicing the injection system, replacing fuel filter, air filter. After all this tho, the Ecotec motor is hands down more refined and economical.

31st Jan 2003, 07:01

Well, after reading the comments on VT Commodores, I can say they must have made a lot of changes when they introduced the VX. I have had mine (a VX "S") since July 2002 and it was just 12 months old when I bought it. I have had none of the problems mentioned, except for some creaking of the plastic dash. The engine's great, plenty of grunt from rest, I can take 4 full size passengers with me on a trip, and it gets really good fuel mileage for a full size car. I usually get a red light with 600 to 650 k's and it usually takes 62 litres to fill it. That's mainly city running. On a trip it will get 780 + before asking to be filled. It's an auto. I must admit that sometimes the gearbox is reluctant to drop back to third, or lockup the torque convertor when I am going up a long hill at 80 + kph, but a quick tap on the power button helps it change.

All in all, a great looking car. (Mines in Devil Yellow).

14th Jun 2006, 02:44

What are the 0-100km time for manuals. I also have one, but apparently no one knows.