10th Mar 2001, 04:54

I own a VH SL/E with a 4.2. I have had it for years and never really had a problem. But I too agree that the price of petrol has turned it into an expensive car to run! But I love it, and will not give it up!

19th Mar 2001, 00:32

I own a VH SLX, I disagree with the running costs being so high, I think it would be a 5-6, especially on leaded petrol.

9th Apr 2001, 05:51

I've had my VH SL 6CYL Sedan Automatic for almost two years. I'm currently fixing it for Road Worthy. It's my first car and seems to be well, doesn't blow smoke and runs like a dream. I guess she will do me good when she is registered, but I agree the fuel cost is a problem.

27th Jul 2001, 02:28

I own a SL/X Holden Commodore station wagon and would like to know what is under the hood and what type of transmission it has, I would like to find out any other things about the car that are of any use as well. If any one can help me please e-mail me at multiread69@hotmail.com.

15th Dec 2004, 20:41

I think if you paid a thousand bucks to reco your transmission you got screwed over!. Where did you take it to?? "Millionaries Auto Transmissions'?? I got my VH auto reco'd for $400 here in Sydney recently...

1st Apr 2006, 07:18

Just a few comments about the fuel consumption issue, most VH commodores are 3.3 's or (202) auto's, they are a good old motor with a lot of low revving torque and quite strong if not abused, but they are heavy on petrol, by today's standards anyway. But most people forget the little motors like the 2850 six and the starfire, I have owned a lot of commodore's in my 30 odd years of life and the VH 2.85 manual particularly the five speed were quite quick and easy on fuel to boot. so don't forget not all commodore's are 202's and not all are petrol guzzlers, depends on your right foot also I suppose. But even after a lot of cars (25 or so) the VH commodore still stands out as the best car (s) Iv'e had.

12th Apr 2006, 07:59

The 2.85 litre or 173 Cubic Inch in the old Language is a good motor. When it came out in the VH Commodore the motor mags loved it. It was rated with the 5 Speed at 35 Miles Per Gallon, but that's a bit far fetched. It was the only VH 6 with a 5 speed box. It also had an air pump like the Japanese cars that used an extra fan belt for pollution laws. My favourite is the 4.2 litre V8, it gets good economy and some people say it uses less petrol than the 3.3 Litre. One thing to remember about the V8 compared to the 3.3 or 2.85 is that the V8 has cross flow heads which is a better design, the 6 does not. I am an oldy and been driving now for 20 years and have had 4.2 and 5.0 Litres. Still feel the VH SL/E Commodore Dark Blue Over Silver is Classy and the interior is better than any of the small Commodores or Calais.

10th Aug 2006, 01:39

I have only had my 83 VH SL/X for about a year and it has been excelent to me so far. It is the 5 Speed 173. It's actually pretty good on fuel, when you're so paranoid about it and you're looking at the ecconomy gauge more than the road.

14th Nov 2006, 19:43

Hi guys...

I was just wondered if anyone knew the best way to set up my carby filter?

I got a VH SL 1982 with a varo jet carby filter on it. I've blocked off most of the pollution gear, but there is still the hose that runs from the top of the engine to the carby filter, and a hose that runs directly from the carby itself to the carby filter... should I connect those hoses to the carby filter or should I just block them???

21st Sep 2008, 23:33

I own a VH SLE, & have to say that it has the nicest interior I have ever owned, a great body shape and is very reliable, although the blue 202 does chew a bit of petrol if you're a young, dumb male... ;) but yeah... overall they are a great car!

31st May 2009, 00:47

Bringing a 81 VH Commodore back to life. I have it completely stripped down in the garage.

It has a L36 253 (4.2) M40 auto trans & a GU7 diff. It also seems to have a wider wheel base. Is this standard?

I have been told it may be a limited eddition.

Is there anyone out there who can confirm this for me?

Thank you.

12th Mar 2010, 19:01

Dose any one know if they make performance parts for the 2.85ltr (173ci) motors, as I cannot find them anywhere?

23rd Mar 2010, 02:28

Just wondering if any knows whether or not a 6 cyl auto tail shaft will match up to a five speed Borg Warner gear box? I currently drive a 82 VH Commodore SL with a 2.8 (173) motor, 4 speed gear box. I have been given a Borg Warner 5 speed and clutch kit, but no tail shaft. I would like to fit the 5 speed for better fuel economy, but can't find any one with the right tail shaft, and can't find much info to do the conversion.

6th Dec 2014, 19:50

Cannot agree more. Just got a 82 VH SL/X with a 202 and a three speed, and I'm lovin' it.