6th Dec 2008, 05:30

Hi all. I have a VX series 1 SS. It's standard except the red back straight through exhaust and cold air intake, I mainly did these mods to achieve better fuel consumption, which has worked! The engine is bullet proof, but must be driven differently to the 5 ltr.

The only minor complaint I have is the Holden 6 speed. I've found it not to be very driver friendly or smooth, but I have since been told that you deserve a medal if you can break one!

Once you get used to the gear box, the gen 3 is a real pleasure to drive, though it sounds really tight and is revving harder than it actually is, so don't be scared of sinking the boot in and stretch her legs! They love to be wound out in 3rd and 4th especially!

15th May 2009, 02:09

Hi I just bought a VX SS Series 11 Gen111 from a Holden dealer in Western Qld with 52`000 k`s, sold new by them to a local never home interstate trucky, with full service history as done by them from new.

This car is awesome, I love it, The wife loves it, we had a choice between the SS or a low K VY series 1 SV8. I drove both and felt the VX SS had more power and a lot less engine noise.

We toured around and have nearly 62,000 on the VX SS with no oil consumption problems or piston slap at all, as I was informed the new pistons in the VY gen 3, used to raise the compression with their higher lands and lower ring tension, as to accept higher factory tolerances and power gains, are a problem even in the LS2 and the VX series 2.

Had the pistons replaced in the motor from October 01 with a 0.002 oversize teflon hyperheptical pistons of the ACL variety, and honed the cylinders to correct skirt clearance, but discontinued the trend in the machine shop in September 02 for the VY, but did tighten up the specs on the bore by 0.001 LOL.

But all this comes down to the old debate about forged or cast pistons. I had an l34 Torana that I bought new that rattled like a diesel when cold, and Leech Motors in Brizzy showed me before I bought it that the pistons in the l34 were a forged type racing piston of a high skirt variety, and will rattle when cold because of hi skirt tolerance for piston expansion. DO NOT FLOG WHEN COLD!!!

13th Jan 2010, 22:51

Hi, we own a VX SS, & we have so many problems with it, it's driving us MAD & poor!!

Transmission problems!!

Engine light keeps coming on, even though we had it replaced??

Diff noises, clunking, got diff sent away, they told us it's fixed, picked up the car and it's still bloody there???

Brake problems!! Lots of other little things as well.

So far we have spent around $9000 on repairs, it's never ending, we are seriously thinking very hard about getting rid of it, what a lemon it's been :(

18th Mar 2010, 03:40

I have a VX SS II and it is awesome, no problems, drives well, handles well, plenty of punch. Go Holden!!!

6th Aug 2010, 18:17

I have a 2001 VX SS. The LS1 is an alloy motor, therefore it has a lot more mechanical noise, that I believe is harmonics through the block; cast iron deadens the sound. They are a performance engine, and as such they are louder than say a luxury type engine, as this was the design brief from the start (was built for Corvettes).

Yes they have noisy pistons, but no one has stated that their engine has actually failed. I have heard from a reliable source of an engine pulled apart done 220,000k, and all internals look fine bar 1 bore, which was only slightly out. This engine was only apart as the owner was after more power upgrades, not as a result of a failure as such.

The diff play/clunk or 'backlash' as Holden calls it seems to be a characteristic of the diff. Not ideal and annoying, but only when you slow down for a stop does it occasionally get noticed.

My car has done 101,000k. I have had no actual failures from my car, and the only thing that was an issue was the noisy power steering pump, which was fixed when I bought the car from the dealer. I look at everything in and out of the car, and the service history. Everything is consistent with the use I would expect from the year and mileage of the vehicle. I would buy another Holden as they have served me well.

16th Aug 2010, 07:52

I've had a good run in my VX SS. Very poised, tracks beautifully and packs a mean punch. Hit around 160,000 and started a rejuvenation project, mostly through necessity, the rest from OCD.

Necessity - 4 new rotors, strut top bearings, 4 wheel bearings, camber kit, rear shocks, exhaust mid-section, nolathane bushes throughout, drive-shaft tunnel bearing, drive-shaft balanced, driver side CV half shaft.

OCD - New paint, stupid loud stezza, LPG system (450klms=$42)

Result? The engine is now on 171,000 and sounds symphonic.

The diff is no clunkier than when purchased on 130,000 and I alleviate this by using the auto trans to brake. Most of the other moving parts are less than 10,000 kms old.

Cheap, even in town, and able to leap long lines of slow traffic in a single roar.

Cost? Bought for $14,500. Spent $7350 (I get all my parts at cost).

I look at it as owning a (basically) new performance vehicle for less than half the original purchase price. I've never purchased a new vehicle.

This way is so much more interesting and you end up attuned to your cars nuances.

9th Oct 2010, 18:37

I am going to buy a VY Gen 111 next year. I have read all debates; it is unfortunate the problems people have, sometimes you just get a lemon. The major problem can be the dealership's mechanics; the shoddy things they get up to, to take your money. Most of the time, the work you're getting done, does not need be done.

My grandparents had a Holden; they were paying around 2000 a year on repairs. Mind you, there was nothing wrong with it. I have two mates that work for Holden; the things they tell me, it is criminal. The sales rep gets a commission on the work been done. And the cowboy mechanics, geez, find yourself a reliable mechanic. If it voids you warranty, who cares, it would be better for you in the long run.

Also, there are good mechanics in Holden, but they just get told what to do.

8th Feb 2012, 20:04

We had a 1999 EF Hyundai Sonata. 172k, engine gone, gearbox problems, air con no good at 170k. We also have a VT Commodore, 273k, still going strong, you tell me which one is better.