5th Nov 2004, 05:11

I have a VN which used to do the same thing as your trans was doing. I changed the AT fluid and seemed to make it much smoother (but it's still only a VN) just don't forget the cooling lines if you do that.

21st Nov 2004, 05:09

I believe the auto-trans to be the only weak point in the VS Commodores. The wife and I have had our Equipe for approx 3.5yrs now and have never complained about anything in this car!! Comfortable, stylish and power to get you out of trouble! {and yes, into trouble too!!! How fast did you say, Officer?!?}

BUT BE WARNED! The "weak point" recently cost us $3000 to fully recondition!!!But with 260k's on the clock you expect things to turn second-hand!!

Overall a great car WE'D recommend to anyone :}

9th Jul 2007, 03:42

I also own a 96 Holden Commy Equipe, and it's got a clunk sound on the left front wheel... Anyways, my gear box does the same unless I put it into 3... I was told that after 3 thousand k's, that the ECU won't let the engine drive. Is it true or just rubbish?


11th Jun 2009, 21:45

Umm, I was told that replacing the entire transmission was a better option than just replacing the torque converter clutch.

11th Nov 2010, 21:14

96 VS Equipe auto, 220 on the clock. Mine is doing the clunking in 4th gear when doing 80-100 kph thing too. Will let you know when I find out the solution.

23rd Nov 2010, 21:22

I have the same problem with the car, where the whole car seems to vibrate when doing 80 to 87km/h. Is this the problem that you are talking about?

I also changed the transmission fluid which seemed to make the transmission much smoother, although only temporarily.

I did not know that other people were experiencing this with VS Commodores!

1st Jan 2011, 01:13

Will a VS transmission work in a VR series 2 please? :)

7th Mar 2011, 00:17

I am a 53 year old petrol head, and due to certain circumstances, found myself with my favourite Commodore; a 12th month 1996 VS series 2 Equipe.

Yes, these are the cleanest cafe racer style cars. Forget the rear spoiler, it clutters that beautiful behind. I've de-badged the rear, and it looks very neat and tidy with new taillights with clear indicators.

Regarding problems, they are few. I bought mine with 200,000ks on the clock, but the common problem of the drive cog in the dash means it has done more. When asked, the previous (and original) owner said it had not been working for only about 20,000. The bugger!

Anyway, after replacing the panhard rod bushes with nolathane, the car was drivable and my fun began.

To get rid of noises in front suspension, fit nolathane strut top bushes/bearings - it makes a huge difference to the fluidity of the steering. While at it, a set of urathane sway bar link rubbers is a great way to quicken the steering response.

Any bushes that need replacing, always use urathane or nolathane for an as new response.

I have replaced the engine and gearbox fluids with full synthetic, and the result has been amazing. The motor spins almost silently to redline, and the auto is only a little clunky when dead cold, otherwise it is now silken smooth and very responsive. I never feel the need to use the power button at all.

Lack of power down and rear steer at high speed is eliminated by the fitting of Bilstein rear shocks. The difference is startling!

I live in the bush, so lowering is not an option, however this is no problem at all, as at standard height the VS with the aforementioned simple mods is a very well balanced and tidy handler. The 5 link solid rear axle provides a high quality RTS experience, giving a supple ride with bulletproof towing ability, and super sure and infinitely adjustable by the throttle, handling. Fast & safe.

I am currently converting all lamps and bulbs to LED as they draw virtually no power, look fantastic, and help make the evergreen (or in my case bottanica mica) Commodore VS step up and hold its head high.

As an example a family member has a VE 60th anniversary Commodore, which is no doubt safer in the way of airbags and ESP, but is not as sharp, and noisier than the limousine like VS in comparison.

I recently ran a tape measure around both the VE & VS Commodores, and was surprised to find that the VE, which weighs more than 250kg extra and is a behemoth to park, has exactly the same boot opening and capacity, the front door access is identical, and the rear seat is only a few cm narrower, and not as deep in the footwell.

Clearly the DNA is pretty well set, and with the VS, I believe Holden produced the most powerful, lightest and potentially most economical (on the highway) car ever. I achieved 8.6L/100km recently cruising at around 110kph over a 400km trip. That without a lot of thought for economy. At a steady 80kmh, I estimate a figure of close to 6.5L/100km is possible.

Due to the lusty and free revving nature of the Ecotec V6, it is easy to turn figures up to 15L/100km around town. It's just so tempting, especially if you've fitted some new shocks or something! Nevertheless, a figure closer to 11L/100km is quite achievable with care.

26th Jun 2014, 06:42

How did you fix it? Thanks.