8th Oct 2004, 09:16

I just purchased a Black 2003 model S pack VY for 29500. The guy who purchased it new 11 months ago paid 42,000. He ordered the car with HSV wheels and exhaust. He traded it for a new XR8. (mine is the supercharged V6). I updated from a 1998 V8 statesman. I think the blown V6 goes about as hard as the old V8 without using as much petrol. The Statesman was more "torquey".

15th Mar 2005, 04:47

Managed to pick up a series 2 for 34500 with 15000 on the clock in "Cosmo" color last year. Great car, fuel economy is brilliant, performance when needed is awesome, but the color is not the best to keep clean. On the curves she handles a treat despite the rumors that the suspension is lagging.

4th Apr 2006, 04:28

To the guy who paid over $34000 for his supercharged (I hope it is) series 2-I feel quite sorry for you as I just bought my series 2 for $29500, with 8000k's on the clock- with $34000 you might well have gone for an XR6 turbo, which 2nd hand goes for about the same price though blows the doors of the supercharged S.

27th Nov 2008, 09:06

Hi guys,

I bought a Commodore VY11 S pack 2004 (Sydney). about 130,000 ks. It's got alloy wheels, black in color. I paid around 16,000 for it. Do you think it's bit too much? Can anyone tell me please?

14th Jul 2009, 06:19

You paid "around" 16K for it? You mean you're not sure??

1st Sep 2009, 03:10

Just bought an 04 VY S Series 2 with 126000kms and paid $13000 for it. I'm in New Zealand though, but the guy who owned it, bought it in Aus and imported it to NZ in 06.

2nd Apr 2010, 00:56

I'm looking to buy a new second hand car, but I can't decide between the 3.8L S or the 3.6L SV6. Can anyone help make up my mind?

20th Oct 2010, 03:33

I recently purchased a VYII S with a supercharged 3.8l V6.

It's heaps of fun to drive, much torquier than the stock 3.8L engine. I've also driven a Calais with the SV6 3.6l engine and the supercharged one is much quicker, definitely a sleeper.