22nd Nov 2005, 13:31

I too have driven both the BA Falcon and the Commodore and the BA is a far superior car. I'm not sure what this guy is on, but the BA has won awards and almost all motoring journalists that have tested these cars have named the BA Falcon as far superior. I can only guess that this person has not made a correct assessment or perhaps is just falsely trying to pump up Holden's credibility.

12th Mar 2006, 19:36

I think this review is more of a troll. I'd love the VY to be better than the BA Falcon, but unfortunately it is not. The BA is faster, better designed, more powerful and better handling than the VY/VZ. Given the 30kw difference between the BA and VY, I would not call the BA a mule.

4th Apr 2006, 04:18

I also own a vy series 2,and although I love my car and will always stick with a holden. Problem is the BA does perform better- its more responsive through corners and you can feel the difference in power, though if you're looking for power the new VZ SV8 06 model boasts a gen4 260kw engine (same power as XR8) for $44 000-beats the power and price of the XR6 turbo.

14th May 2006, 06:48

If any of you bothered to actually read this persons review you would have seen that he previously owned a Ford Falcon.

Where in that you saw BA Falcon is beyond me. For all we know it could have been a early 90's model...

If anything, the Falcon brigade is trying to pump up Ford's credibility.

2nd Jan 2007, 22:20

Sorry if I'm reading the initial comment wrong, but doesn't it say "Over all it makes my old BA falcon look like a mule."

6th Jun 2008, 07:45

For all overseas readers.. the war between Holden and Ford owners is a very cultural thing, hence the slanging match...

Holden {GMH} built the first mass produced Aussie car in 1948 {DEVELOPED IN 1946 FROM SIX PROTOTYPES WHICH WERE BADGED CHEVS}, and Ford came into the scene in 1960 and was a dog.

Many's the time the front struts appeared through the hood if used on rough roads.

I owned an Aussie modified Falcon Wagon 1964, which was heaps better and a real joy. Much better all around.

Don't argue boys; I worked in the service industry from an early age. Holdens were far more reliable.

Those of you who are motor racing enthusiasts would know of the Bathurst 1000 where Ford and Holden continue the war.. unfortunately Ford have the better car right now.. I own both cars.. and Caddy's and Chevs...

3rd Nov 2008, 02:26

But I don't think he is saying it is better than a BA Falcon, but his old car was a Falcon, but doesn't say which model. So he might be talking about that Falcon, which could be an EL Falcon.

His opinion is that the car is good.

30th Nov 2008, 05:57

I found the VY to be very unresponsive. It was auto however, so I can understand. But when you stick the boot into it, it takes a while to realise what is going on, then get the power down.

Was not very impressed with it. Maybe I am expecting too much. Have not driven a BA yet so can't make any comparisons.

18th Mar 2010, 04:02

He just said "My old BA Falcon". How can you say that it could be an older model! You probably think they're referring to the VH rather than VY Commodore too, right?

12th Aug 2010, 05:34

I have previously owned a Ford Falcon and driving this car compared to that feels like I've gone from a 1980 Datsun to the newest Lamborghini. Is what he said, nothing about BA in that! Does anyone know the difference in fuel economy between the 2? (Holden and Ford)

14th Aug 2010, 08:52

I own a VX SS, and my sister owns a BA. My VX blows her BA apart. I've driven her BA; found it was heavy and slow compared to my VX. The seats were too hard; not nice if you want to go for a long drive. Even putting a kit on it is not going to make it any sexy. It is truly an ugly car.

But in saying that, I would rather have a BA than a Japanese car anytime.

12th Jul 2017, 10:10

Funny, I have a VY after having a BA. And I am no Holden man, and the VY may be older technology, but it's so much more reliable and solid to drive. The BA feels like a boat and has doughy power delivery.