2003 Holden Commodore SS Sedan 5.7L V8 from Australia and New Zealand


A quick family car that has attitude


Had clutch problems with it and some interior rattles, but both fixed.

Clutch is an aftermarket unit and have had no problems with it at all.

That's all.

General Comments:

I love it now that it has LS1 edit, 3.91 diff ratio, 19 inch wheels and a decent exhaust system the car is an animal.

The LS1 responds well to modifications and its easy to drive around town and a beast when you mash the go pedal.

Fuel economy isn't too good around town, but in highway runs I can get an easy 9.5L to 10L /100kmh.

It has lots of room and the electronic climate control takes some time to get use to, but it works great.

I have no real gripes about this car and looking forward on seeing the VE series 2.

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Review Date: 8th March, 2006

2003 Holden Commodore VY SV8 5.7L V8 (LS1) from Australia and New Zealand


Fantastic, if needing a body kit


Only little things, a rattle in gear stick, warped brakes, a couple of lights went out in window switch, all fixed under warranty with no problems :)

General Comments:

It's a great car, its very quick in a straight line, and goes around corners much much better than the old VR (my old car)

Stops well too.

Nice and roomy inside, fantastic dash board.

Quite good on petrol for such a big engine :)

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Review Date: 7th December, 2005

2003 Holden Commodore VY II 6 cylinder from Australia and New Zealand


Aside from some strange noises, good


When coasting (that is not applying any or little acceleration) at 40 to 60 kl, a knocking noise emanates from the transmission. I have driven another VY II and found the same happened with it.

Holden has tested the transmission in my car and says its normal. The presence of the noise is embarrassing. Passengers (including a Holden mechanic I asked to identify the problem) have noted the noise.

General Comments:

With the exception of the knocking noise noted above, the VY II 6cyl is good to drive. There is sufficient power. The suspension is firm. The trim is good. A good quality 4 sprk stereo is included. With ABS and dual air bags, the car is good value.

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Review Date: 16th January, 2005

2nd Feb 2005, 20:01

Our vy2 has no problems with it. fused ecotec gives plenty of power.

13th Apr 2005, 06:42

We also have a VY and have an intermittent knocking noise. The car is with a dealer who mentioned there may be some sort of recall on rockers or valve guides... I will post some more news if we think we've solved the problem... Does anyone know of a list of recalls for VY's?

2nd Jul 2010, 10:18

I also have a VY S series 2, and have the same problem with the knocking from the trans!! And it also slips a bit when taking off from stationary, and jumps about a bit when going up a hill and is trying to find a gear! Does anyone know whether there has been a recall for anything like this?

2003 Holden Commodore VY 3.8 litre V6 from Australia and New Zealand


2003 Holden VY commodore- great car, powerful engine, an overall winner


Nothing has gone wrong with this car at all. Its done just over 24000 kms now and it feels like I bought it an hour ago. Its services are quick and inexpensive.

General Comments:

This car is a wonderful car. I have previously owned a Ford Falcon and driving this car compared to that feels like I've gone from a 1980 Datsun to the newest Lamborghini. Whilst the falcon was unresponsive and boring in low to medium revs the Commodore feels like a dream. Its driver orientated cabin is simply wonderful. Everything is more than well placed whilst in the back there is ample room for all occupants. The boot of the wagon is wonderfully large. The cabin is stylish yet practical and the car is even more fun to drive. The 3.8 litre V6 boasts a more than sufficient 156 kW (but it feels more like a 250 kW V8) that feels great. The engine is super-responsive and sounds beautiful. The 4 speed automatic is one of the best I have ever used. its keen to shift down (especially in power shift), it has a great set of ratios set for doing anything at all and its fourth ratio is fantastic, it keeps the revs right down at highway cruising speeds and when its time to over take simply hit the power shift button and your away! When sharply cornering the body of the car barely moves at all due to the wonderful electronic stability program. Over all it makes my old BA falcon look like a mule. Ten out of ten.

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Review Date: 8th September, 2004

30th Apr 2005, 03:04

I've driven both a ba and a vy and the vy is no comparison.

The ba is quicker, handles better, cruises better, overall interior feel is better and looks much nicer.

To pull up the vy is probably as good as the BA, but for such a heavy car, the ba is still a better overall car.