2003 Holden Commodore VY SS series 2 Gen 3 5.7 ltr from Australia and New Zealand


High performance bargin


A day after I bought the car we had run out of petrol. Turned out that the gauge was incorrect as it showed we had 1/4 of a tank of fuel. The problem was fixed by the Holden dealer within 30 minutes and now works perfectly!!

Other than that no other problems.

General Comments:

The car is an all round performer on both freeways and city roads.

The engine note and exhaust note is very good compared to the old single outlet systems.

I Absolutely love my toy and would recommend this car to anyone who wants to enjoy their day to day driving.

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Review Date: 23rd February, 2004

2003 Holden Commodore VYII 5.7 V8 from Australia and New Zealand


Raw and heavy need firm hand on the gear shift and strong left foot for the clutch


Used a bit of oil in the first 2000 kilometers then was OK.

General Comments:

This car was the SS with leather pack, it is very luxurious, however has a very harsh ride on the 1" bigger rims over my previous series one.

My "VY" series one was more comfortable.

However for the money, I'd be seriously considering a Calis instead, more compliant suspension and enough power.

Fuel economy averaged 12.8 liters per 100 kilometers, which is better than my old "VX" series II, but not as good as my "Berlina VX" series one supercharged.

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Review Date: 6th February, 2004

27th May 2005, 03:40

160KPH though a city street in a Commodore with your 8 year old son in the seat next to you? Talk about "Parent of the Year". I really hope you are joking, for your son's sake and for the safety of other road users.

10th Aug 2005, 05:07

The guy doing 160Kmph is very foolish I qill be asking for his coment to be removed from the web.

2003 Holden Commodore SV8 V8 5.7 from Australia and New Zealand


A great all rounder basic V8


Rattle in gearstick had to be fixed. That's about all.

General Comments:

This car is quick and handles quite well. Its fun to drive, but yet potent and tame to drive around. Roomy interior is quite nice. Its fairly basic, but the beauty of it is the engine and performance.

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Review Date: 10th December, 2003

9th Dec 2004, 02:32

Great Car, Everything you could ask for in sports and comfort and pretty good price range. although the clutch is a problem in my SV8 Keeps slipping...

7th Apr 2006, 04:03

Great car to begin with. New clutch needed after 8000km. Just had a new gearbox put in after 20000km. The car is still hard to change gear when cold. Would seriously never buy another manual sv8.

2003 Holden Commodore SS V8 from Australia and New Zealand


Hmmmmm nice


Air cond needed to be re-gassed. Gear stick rattle had to be fixed as well. Apart from that nothing really.

General Comments:

Goes like a raped ape. Very comfortable plus electronic climate control and leather seats. It is great to drive and its actually very good on fuel. Cannot wait to LS1 edit it and put a decent zorst on it.

I am a happy chappy.

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Review Date: 23rd November, 2003

2003 Holden Commodore VY 3.8 Litre V6 from Australia and New Zealand


A very enjoyable car that does every thing that I expect of it very well


A minor problem with trim.

A wiring fault under the steering column.

A faulty radiator.

Very noisy tyres that I have now replaced. (Not Holden's problem).

General Comments:

My first new car after considering 6 cylinder vehicles from a number of other well known manufacturers.

Chosen because of the standard appointments, general appearance, and stated fuel consumption.

All the problems I encountered occurred within about the first 5,000 kilometers and were quickly rectified by the dealer. These early teething problems seem to be behind me now.

I find my new VY Commodore a very enjoyable vehicle to drive both around town and on the open road.

The vehicle is confortable, handles very well, and is very quiet, with more than adequate power. Fuel consumption is good.

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Review Date: 13th November, 2003

2nd Sep 2006, 21:14

A family member has a 2003 Lumina V6 automatic and what a nice car it is.

It was bought second-hand at around 20,000 km, a very good buy. The car not only rides as smooth as glass, but looks very good too.

The standard alloy wheels complement the look of the car rather nicely. Together with a rear spoiler it looks quite good.

The interior has a nice look to it. Very modern, with CD controls on the steering wheel. A leather (vinyl) rapped steering wheel is a nice touch. Though I'm not crazy about the transmission leaver.

Adelaide has some of the worst roads in the Southern hemisphere, so if a car can ride over shockingly bad roads without even noticing it, you know it's good!

6th May 2019, 12:51

I have a VY Equipe Series 1 3.8 liter auto purchased new in June 2003. Has just over 82,000 km. Things to be repaired / replaced are simply age related. Two major things replaced around 50,000 were the radiator and the ABS module.

Average fuel consumption is 100kph 8.5L at highway speeds (100 - 110kph); the computer has told me it has been down to 7.5L per 100k - and that was travelling on the straights between Moree and Bourke at 110kph. When rapid overtaking is required, goes like the clappers.

Totally reliable and comfortable. I am 61 years old and hope it will last me til I can no longer drive - by then it might well be a collector's item! If I could, would invest in a VF Commodore for the same reason. Would recommend a well looked after VY to anyone wishing for reliable, economical and comfortable motoring.