2003 Holden Commodore VYII from Australia and New Zealand - Comments

29th Oct 2006, 09:38

Haha settle down guys 160kph is nothing :P wait till you hit speed cut at 220 :P.

28th Sep 2012, 02:16

..."Settle down, 160 kph is nothing"...

Mate, in my profession I often have motor accident victims who were doing less than 160kph. You have obviously never seen the damage and heartbreak that happens as a result of people who think that "160 kph is nothing".

Sometimes I wonder whether the cars today should ever be in the hands of some people...

27th Dec 2012, 21:48

Another 'Speed Kills' serial do-gooder...

Assuming all cars and other vehicles have the same crash and injury results from ANCAP crash testing, then sure, no car should be allowed to exceed 0km/h...

Let's get real for a second. In the right conditions, i.e, good road, weather, roadworthy and dynamically sound car, sparse traffic levels, or traffic/drivers that know and understand how to drive (understanding speed and speed differential), 160 km/h is perfectly safe. Beyond, even. Witness Europe, not only Germany. I feel far, and a way safer driving in Europe than here, sitting on 200+ km/h, with other vehicles, observing correct lane discipline, following distance, space cushioning, et al.

If you drive with a view to hitting things, objects, vehicles, people, et al, should you really be driving at all? I thought the rule was to avoid accidents, no matter what the speed, or the driving conditions, whether at 20 km/h, in heavily pedestrian trafficked areas, or 100, 200+ in ideal and safe conditions.

The Speed Kills serial do-gooder mantra is the primary reason why the driving standard is so, so poor in this country. If our Olympians competed to the same low standard of our driving, we wouldn't even see a hope of even one bronze medal, let alone any silver or gold medals.

Serious training is required, both in attitude, and skill.

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