6th Feb 2001, 00:27

James, what are you on about?

I own a 1988 VL Calais Turbo, and it is the best car that I have ever driven, in terms of handling, power, cruising etc. Better than any Italian car by a mile.


6th Feb 2001, 18:53

Look James, have you ever actually driven a VL? I bought one as my first car 6 months ago, and I have been absolutely amazed at what an incredible machine it is. All my mates love it and all the chicks won't leave me alone (actually that's not entirely true).

I put some GT radials on a couple of months ago and it holds to the road like anything. While everyone else is slowing down to 30 and coming sideways round a corner, I can take the corner at 45 and still lose no traction. I'm more than pleased with the performance of this car, especially its handling.


14th Mar 2001, 02:01

Hi Pete and Soddish.

Please note that I am not having a personal go at Commodore drivers. The fact that every second car on the road is a commodore is an indication of the lack of taste we have here. I highly doubt that you have ever driven a European car, but in fact I have driven IN a VL commodore on many occasions.

If you had ever had the privilege of driving or being driven in a European car (which is built for exceptional handling instead of focusing on 0-100kph in the quickest time possible) then you would realise that it is much cheaper to purchase a second hand shopping trolley which would give better handling than a common VL commodore.

Soddish, I realise that this is your first car and I hope that one day you will have the opportunity to own a car with real style, class and soul.

I see it quite strange that you have to put GT radials on your car to increase performance and for most commodore drivers, boost the power from what was originally set at the factory. My car is EXACTLY how it came out of the factory and the handling is superior as these cars are made by their company to handle exceptionally.

I eagerly await your reply to this and hope for your sake that one day you will see the light and get a real car.

As for the chicks, I hesitate to think of the quality of girl that would be attracted to a very common, and boring vehicle like the VL.


James and Vaughan.

17th Jun 2001, 00:05

Style, class and soul. I think I'd rather have something that just does the business, than a fancy European car. Even though I did find the VL that I had did tend to understeer. The VL still has a very reliable motor.

1st Aug 2001, 18:52

There was a saying back when the VL first came out that it was a 'poor man's BMW'. Sure Euro cars have more class and prestige, but like everyone before me has said, 'at a price'. This is what makes the VL so special, it is a cheap Aussie car that is affordable and reliable. In my opinion I'd rather have a Calais turbo over a fancy Euro car.

9th Feb 2006, 02:35

Ha ha you had to use big{ford) v8 to win that is funny.

21st Jul 2006, 08:37

I think my VL handles wonderfully, but I have recently put a VS rack in it so... I drove my uncle's VY and it handles the tiniest bit better, but if you're going to compare an italian masterpiece 'tom' with a Holden muscle car, of course the difference is immense, purely for the fact one is worth 5 grand in good condition, and an Italian say Lamboghini is worth up to 300 000 dollars, so there is no comparison really.

9th Sep 2006, 01:43

Lets face it guys, old cars don't handle that well and new cars generally do. Saying your big block falcon can blitz a VT commodore is all well and good, but Joe Bloggs and his family don't want a gas guzzler do they, and I bet it doesn't go round corners quite the same no matter how good a driver you think you are! European cars are made European roads, and yeah they handle OK, but also way overpriced for what they are and not suited for our roads. Its only natural that everybody commenting on here is going to defend their own car, but lets get real! Do any of you watch Top Gear? All they drive is european cars pretty much, and they had to admit the Holden Monaro was awesome. Then there is the new VE, which by all accounts accelerates, handles, and stops as good as any euro that is three or four times the price. So really it all depends what you want, what your tastes are, how much you want to spend, and whats practical for your situation. Dollar for dollar a VL commodore on Australian roads is most likely a better choice than an old euro that might shake to bits and cost a fortune to fix! They're not the greatest handling car, but can be made to handle pretty good, and hey look at the horsepower some guys are getting out of those Nissan engines! Good value for money I would say!!