2011 Holden Cruze CDX 1.8 from Australia and New Zealand


Get something else


The gearbox did not shift correctly revving between gears. When stopped at the lights and taking my foot off the brake, the car would rev like in neutral, then bang into gear, causing the wheels to chirp.

The air con controls would stop responding. The air vents would not change.

The fuel gauge stopped working.

The car would not start a lot of times. The only way to get it to start was to lock the door and unlock the door again.

The front leather seat started to tear at the stitching.

General Comments:

Traded it in for a new car. Not much else I can say.

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Review Date: 11th March, 2015

2011 Holden Cruze CD 2.0 turbo diesel from Australia and New Zealand


Great car, let down by an uncomfortable interior


Black plastic on LH mirror is starting to fade.

General Comments:

6 speed manual is quite zippy, with little turbo lag.

Fuel economy is good at 5.9 L/100km freeway/outer metro, 6.2L/100km around town, and at open road speeds with 5 people on board (Perth to Dongara with the family of 5 and all our luggage).

Towed a tandem trailer to Dongara at Christmas with a heavy fold out couch on it, plus 5 in the car and our luggage. Averaged 8.2L/100km sitting on the speed limit. Held 100kmh up the hills no problems in 6th gear at 1400 RPM. Fuel usage was less at this low rev than at 1700ish in 5th. I was impressed.

Ride and handling are good enough for me. My wife accuses me of driving it like a sports car. Sits well on the road at high speeds. I suspect it would feel nice and stable at 180kmh, and still pull well at this sort of speed, but I would never do such a thing on a public road, so I am just guessing...

Seats are hard and uncomfortable. Budget for some sheep skins if you are considering one of these cars. The middle back seat is particularly hard and unpleasant. The front seats are narrow, and the side supports are high and hard and dig in to your leg. I am 5 foot 10 inches tall and 73kg, so not a big bloke my any measure. The i30 I bought for the missus is way better laid out inside, and far more comfortable to drive.

Air con fan speed knob gets hit by your knee, if you try and relax a bit on a long trip.

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Review Date: 28th January, 2013

2011 Holden Cruze CDX 1.8 petrol from Australia and New Zealand


Stay away from this Daewoo in disguise!


Chrome grille has peeled.

ABS light on.

Driver's heated seat doesn't work.

One remote key hasn't worked from new.

One CD has jammed in the stacker.

General Comments:

A very smart looking car. It is Korean, although now built in Aus. Not sure if my rubbish example was made in Aus or Korea.

From the first day I had the vehicle, it has had issues. I test drove a manual CD petrol, which was quite nice, although I wish my dealer had had a CDX at the time, because this car has been a total disappointment from day 1. The horrible leather seats are so uncomfortable I have fitted sheep skin seat covers to add comfort. Back support is equally hard. The driver's seat heater worked twice, and now does nothing. Holden continue to feud with me over it being a warranty issue; they reckon I was rough with the button! How the hell would they know how I press my buttons!

It has a 6 CD player, but is now 5 on account that one is stuck in there and won't even play it. Radio reception isn't that flash either

Have had ABS sensors in the front replaced under warranty after 3 warning light activations. Performance is fantastically pathetic! The engine revs, even to the point it makes the car vibrate everywhere, but produces very little power. This does not feel like a motor that makes 103kw. Passing anything going faster than 80 is damn near impossible. Show it a hill and it wets its pants

Fuel economy at best is around 500kms a tank, which for a car with 6 gears is rubbish; a shame as it looks good and handles reasonably well. Quality of fit and finish OK, but the word quality does not describe this vehicle as a whole, nor does that word go anywhere near the electronics fitted to this vehicle.

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Review Date: 27th December, 2012

27th Dec 2012, 18:59

It's nice to know that Holden is at it again, with their warranty denial campaigns.

Why, oh why, did you go to a Holden Cruze from a Mazda 3? I understand that the Mazda 3 is inferior to the Cruze in terms of NVH (noise, vibration, harshness), and interior space. But, in terms of quality, reliability, handling, driver appeal and value for money, the Mazda 3 leaves the Cruze gasping in its wake.

When it comes to dealer service and warranty claims, Mazda leaves Holden for dead, yet again.

There's two reasons why Commodore sales are slipping big time. One is that the market doesn't want a large car, when the small and small medium class are competitively sized. The second reason is the shockingly poor customer service that Holden and its dealers offer, in terms of warranty backup.

You'd think Holden would've smartened up by now, in terms of offering good customer service. Sure, certain manufacturers only pay a dealer around two thirds of a typical warranty job, leaving the dealer to wear the rest of the labour bill. That puts more stress on the dealer, but a good dealer will wear that to look after a loyal customer.

Note to Holden. Brighten up your attitude towards customers and warranty backup, or face an even bigger decline in sales, and not only with your Commodore range. Your attitude really does stink.

28th Dec 2012, 01:23

I've had three of these as hire cars in Queensland; two were CD's and one a CDX. All 1.8 petrol autos.

I decided after the first one in Mackay (the CDX) that there was no way I would ever splash out my own money on a Cruze. As well as being woefully gutless, they had irritating issues such as a binding ignition barrel on the CDX, and one of the CD's even had chrome peeling off the inside driver's door release. The hire company had put sellotape on it to stop people slicing their finger on it! Bear in mind these cars were only a few months old.

The chintzy mish-mash, miss-matched centre console and dash did nothing for me either.

1st Jan 2013, 05:59

Original poster here. Yes, I am regretting trading in my Mazda3 for this Cruze. The looks and price attracted me most. I am seriously considering selling my Cruze, as I live rural and do a lot of kms, it has got to the stage where I only drive it if absolutely necessary, because I find the experience daunting. If there's one thing I've learned, there's no such thing as cheap and cheerful.