23rd Sep 2002, 19:46

The EH Holden with a 179 red motor is all I need.

24th Nov 2002, 20:22

I own a 1963 Eh premier sedan and I plan to put in a 253 V8 in it. I think that it will look and go fine and will still be completely AUSSIE!!!

5th May 2003, 02:03

Hmm, a V8 conversion can only devalue an EH? What kind of comment is that? Any well built, well engineered classic will hold its value, in financial terms, as well as a fully "restored" car, regardless of drivetrain etc. The true value, as any car lover, restorer, hot-rodder, race driver or collector knows, is in the enjoyment of the car! that means driving, polishing, modifying, rebuilding... lots of different things to lots of different people! As they say...whatever floats your boat!!!

11th Aug 2003, 19:54

I am only 10 but I believe the Eh is one of the best cars ever produced by Holden.

8th Oct 2003, 06:09

My H is powered by a VL turbo 5 speed and taking out the 179hp was the best move of this cars life. A set of 17inch chrome's and dropped on it guts make my H turn heads and I love it I will never sell it.

3rd Jun 2004, 00:09

Hello I'm am 15, my dad bought me an EH premiere Wagon. My dad and I are now restoring my EH and his two other cars, an EK and a 1961 Chrysler Newport.

Even though I'm 15 I still reckon that the 179hp red engine is by far the best, and I think if you put a V8 in an EH you're a tool.

17th Aug 2004, 02:45

I have a Eh wagon which is my first car I'm now 18. Its got a mild 202, trick trimatic, Hr Front end, HQ master cylinder, disk front, interceptor style Volvo rims, and dumped on its nuts. Paint is Ford (BA) Blood Orange. A pair of 12" Kicker Subs and an awesome stereo it's a nuts cruiser.

Although it a 202, I think V8 conversions are good, but not a crappy 253 go for the SB Chev or even a LS1.

Stay Cool

Eh's 4ev


26th Apr 2005, 09:40

I'm 16 and am planing on getting an eh soon. I think dropping in a v8 is mad and will make it sound so much better. Also lowering it, mags and a new glossy black paint job would make it look wicked.

Nathan Rules.

17th Dec 2005, 23:07

Any EH restored to it's former glory always looks amazing.

6th Jan 2006, 06:40

I am 15 and a half lol and I want an EH for my first car, but I don't think ill get one, if I did I would want a EH special with a 186S and Celica 5 speed. Was thinking of an EFI 202 but it would work out too costly for the EFI gear or a whole EFI black 202

Reason for thinking I won't get an EH is cos of either cost, the condition of the car or my dads decision, mind you its not his decision what car I get. if it was up to him I'd get a ford laser or meteor he reckons.

1st Jun 2006, 20:15

I am 16 and want to get an EH for my first car. My dad likes the EH and knows a bit about cars, but keeps on telling me not to worry about cars and to get a little bomb. The thing is that I don't know if I should by an already restored EH with mags, 202 and that sort of stuff to save the trouble of doing it myself of to go for a cheaper one and slowly do it up.

21st Jul 2006, 06:42

The key to buying a car such as an EH is rust. Engines, gearbox, trim are all relatively easy to fix, but rust can have you paying thousands - that's if you can find someone who is willing to do it.

Original vs modified depends on the use of the car and personal taste. Personally if it was me or a relative driving it, I feel a lot safer with bigger reliable disks, and rack and pinion steering.

V6 vs V8 is about personal preference. It's your money, do what you want, but do it properly.

The EH isn't a racer, it's about style.

23rd Feb 2007, 03:16

I know it has been said a few times, but modifying good original Holdens is a bad idea. If, in the future you turn into a REAL Holden fan, you will look back at what you've done and kick yourself.

I bought my EH a few weeks ago, 57000 orig miles, no damage ever, mint interior (except arm rests), orig paint in good nick, super clean engine bay with wonderfully clean leak free 149, some Nasco accessories and all books and good service history. It was owned by an old lady until she got dementia and sold it to the guy I bought it off. It still has the little card they originally attached to the light switch with advice on running the car in.

It's soooooo ridgy-didge and it's so fun to drive, it seems like every last horsepower still remains. All I need is a $1000 rubber kit (EVERY piece of rubber is cactus!)

...BUT, the bloke that owned it before me decided to cut crappy speaker holes in the rear shelf and the kick panels. This small modification has ruined the car in my opinion and it is so sad that after 40 years of the good life, it gets cut up by a bloke who can't stand AM. That's probably the reason it was $3000 (bargain) and wasn't for sale in Just or Unique cars.

If you want a V8 EH because you think a 149 will be crap in modern traffic, I think you will be surprised, if it runs well and you know how to drive it, they are seriously fun and pretty fast as far as I'm concerned. If you want to be a hoon, stick with a Commodore.

PLEASE don't ruin our classics, if you really want a V8 modified classic Holden with silly modern paint, fix up a heap, buy someones unfinished project (they're are usually cheap) or get one that has already been modified (there are probably more of these around than original ones!) DON'T get a grandma car like mine and suck the life out it! You WILL regret it.

15th Aug 2007, 21:07

I've got an EH with a small block in it. If you can find one already done, it works out a lot cheaper, than just doing your bits to it. Stick with a Chev as they are a 60 degree block, and a lot thinner than a Holden motor.

21st Aug 2007, 20:23


I'm 20 and I have a EH sedan and I'm putting a V8 in it, do what you wanna do!!

And the guy who wanted to know about lowering the EH, you can either put lowering blocks in the ass end, which you can get from any Autobarn, and isn't to hard of a job, but I think it's illegal in some states??? I have lowering blocks in mine at the moment.

If it is, you might have get your springs reset, I take mine to Pedders; they're pretty good.

14th Feb 2008, 02:59

I own an 64' EH Special sedan in Perth with 280whp. It has a compression ratio of 13:5:1, 316° cam, a modified XU-1 Head, modified combustion chambers, Triple 45 DCOE webers, runs AVGAS with 10% methanol. Revs to 7000rpm, with forged gear it could run higher revs and therefore more power. I'm quite surprised how easy it is to drive in town. with all the torque from the compression and the ex, it feels like I'm driving a normal car.

The EH is going to kill me though, with such agricultural suspension...

18th Sep 2011, 21:10

A late model fuel injected V8 is more economical than the old 202, plus if you opt for an alloy V8, they aren't that much heavier either. Also, the engine has way more torque, therefore you don't need too many RPM to get going, and if you use a late model gearbox with overdrive etc, it makes for a reliable, smooth, economical, environmentally friendlier, and not to forget more powerful car, that actually looks good.