1975 Holden Kingswood HJ 3.3 Litre 202 red motor (3 speed man.) from Australia and New Zealand


It's a Holden, need I say more? She's practically unbreakable!


When I first bought this car the master cylinder and battery needed replacing, but the only other thing it's done is run out of fuel!

Because it wasn't registered or roadworthy when I bought it, I have had to replace the rear shock absorbers, drag link, sway bar, brakes, upper control arm bushes, ignition barrel and wiper motor.

General Comments:

I have found it to be an extremely solid, reliable and easy car to work on and drive, which comes in handy being a chick! Another good thing about this model is that there are a lot of available parts floating around for cheap.

This ingenious invention has a very attractive design and at $300 for a running car that's one and a half times my age and is also about to be registered, I'm not complaining!

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Review Date: 11th October, 2003

10th May 2015, 11:34

Update May 2015.

Still own her... just replaced the cylinder head with a rebuilt head as a valve issue caused low compression on cylinder 3. It is still the original engine, but I replaced the water pump and hoses, refit all new heater hoses and tap, and rebuilt the original carby and a full tune. Now runs quiet and smooth.

Owned the HJ for 13 years now and she has plenty of life left in her.

Will keep these updates going in the future.

19th Sep 2015, 09:52

I've owned my HJ for 14 years too. I too rebuilt the 202 head as I had low compression in cylinder 3 also... Put in hardened seats and valves, and replaced the water pump too.

Carby rebuilt, and it's a joy to drive for a 40 year old classic.

1975 Holden Kingswood HJ 202 from Australia and New Zealand


My car is my baby, I take care of him, he takes care of me.


When I brought this car, it needed a new transmission.

And also a new door due to rust.

Since then nothing has gone wrong.

General Comments:

Great reliable tank of a car.

Highly recommended for a first car.

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Review Date: 14th January, 2003

1975 Holden Kingswood hj 202 six cylinder from Australia and New Zealand


A Hj Holden that's built to last that's fantastic not plastic!


To be quite honest there is nothing wrong with this car at the moment, I bought it from this old Italian bloke who owned it from new, but had to sell it because he couldn't steer it easily because he had arthritis in his shoulder, so I bought it.

General Comments:

It only cost me $570.00 and it runs really well.

It does drive like a tank, but at least it's solid as steel.

You put the key in every morning and it fires over every time. (really reliable).

You don't have to worry if someone scratches your car in a carpark.

A good allround solid performer!!

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Review Date: 27th August, 2002

10th Jul 2005, 19:52

Pretty well sums up the HJ Kingswood. Like all Kingswoods, they are "reliable and honest". What else could you really want in this day and age.

28th Dec 2006, 15:50

Any decent second hand car is reliable and honest not only a kingswood.

25th Jul 2009, 04:32

Well it's been seven years and I still own this HJ Holden, and it still runs and looks great. I've now traveled over 50000kms, done a trip to QLD and back to Perth, and the alternator and starter have been replaced. I have resprayed it and put new tyres on and serviced it. I really love this car and will never sell it!

5th Feb 2011, 02:24

Update: Still going strong, get lots of comments on this vehicle as I have restored the car to original condition, and it looks really good. New two pack paintwork/two tone new rubbers, seals, interior door trims and lots more.

I will keep this car for many years to come, and hope to still have it to hand to my children one day.

3rd Aug 2014, 11:44

Well it's now been 12 years since I bought this Kingswood and it's still a great car; just replaced the carby, fuel pump and a new set of tyres.

The car is still solid and just gets on with the job.

It's the longest I've ever owned a car, and she turns 40 years old next year.

Engine and transmission are still original, but are still running OK.

Will keep the car for a few more years into the future, and hand it down to my son.

11th Sep 2016, 13:45

Yes I still own this HJ Kingswood, and after 14 years of ownership I finally rebuilt the head.

It's not my daily, but after 14 years and 70,000km she still drives well and looks great.

Hope to keep it for many more years to come.

1975 Holden Kingswood HZ 1975 202 ci straight six from Australia and New Zealand


A green machine, all show and no go


So far it seems to be sluggish and has problems with the brakes, and also has problems with the door seals.

Can't for the life of me figure out why it stops and starts.

General Comments:

I bought this car from my girlfriend's sister, she had bought a new Mirage and couldn't fit any more cars in her garage so she said to me $200.00 bucks and she's yours, and I thought bargain, why the hell not, so far so good.

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Review Date: 13th August, 2000

18th Aug 2001, 02:29

Try loosing the anti stop solenoid on the pollution gear (below and behind the carby) and adjusting up the idle speed accordingly. On very hot days this may cause the engine to run on a couple of times, but otherwise no side effects.

Check all the anti pollution hoses for any holes and leaks, check for dirt in the carby, check and maybe blow clean the idle valve (don't drop it between the pavement bricks like I did once).

Most stop/star problems with the 202 are fuel related, but check out the ignition side if no joy.