2017 Holden Spark MP 1.4 from Australia and New Zealand


Good, sporty, practical and reliable econobox

General Comments:

Pleasantly surprised with this little car. The 1.4 engine is a highlight and well matched to CVT. The car handles well, even on the highway. Considering the light weight nature of the car, it is very good. Handling and ride comfort are all excellent. I find the quality of the interior is pretty good, although my wife thinks it’s a little plastic. Good fuel economy.

Negatives are that it is a little slow from a standing start, and it has CVT drone from a standing start. CVT performance and sound is excellent though once you get going. I feel that the steering could be slightly heavier on the highway too (although it is pretty good). This model is two years old now, no complaints from buyers, it is sold as a Chevy or Vauxhall in other markets, and is identical to the Opel Adam under the skin.

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Review Date: 2nd April, 2018

13th Aug 2019, 09:52

Original reviewer here, still no problems as of August 2019 :-)

13th Aug 2019, 23:30

Glad to hear that the car is OK. What mileage is on it now?

2nd Nov 2019, 08:48

Original reviewer again:

The car is currently around 25,000km, tight as a drum like the day we bought it. Tyres and brakes still excellent, won't need any work done to the car for at least another 25,000km. This is a small cheap car however, my expectations are to own it for about 10 years/180,000km, then sell it for next to nothing. Not many little cars are great over 200,000km after all!