1979 Holden Torana UC S 3.3L from Australia and New Zealand


An example of out-dated engineering, kept alive by misled enthusiasts


My head gasket blew.

Clutch cable has broken 6 times.

Battery has died numerous times.

It had trouble starting everyday.

The seats felt insecure.

General Comments:

The car struggles to get to high speeds once in third gear.

However in lower gears, it goes quite well.

Many faults (as listed above), kept making me feel unsafe when driving.

After 3 long years I gave up on this Torana. I highly recommend that nobody buys this car.

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Review Date: 31st May, 2012

11th Mar 2019, 08:47

The car was 24 years old when you bought it with 300,000+ km on it. What did you expect? Up to date engineering and faultless reliability?

1979 Holden Torana UC 2.85 from Australia and New Zealand


The love of my life!


The clutch cable broke at around 170000km.

Had to put in a new radiator when I bought it.

General Comments:

I was touring 35000km around Australia with that car and never had any serious problems.

The average of 12litres of lead replacement gas per 100km is pretty damn good for a car that age.

The engine still was extremely powerful and agile.

The body was in almost perfect condition.

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Review Date: 22nd July, 2004

1979 Holden Torana UC V8 5.0 Litre from Australia and New Zealand


A dream machine


Nothing I love my car.

I have resorted this Torana UC, I have spent over $15000 on it and I love my car.

General Comments:

My car is quick and fast.

It kicks any car I know.

Comfy seats and a nice sound system.

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Review Date: 28th May, 2002

24th Aug 2002, 07:26

Ahh yes, but what was it like "before" you spent all that money on it.

11th Oct 2003, 23:07

Probably slower, but just as good..

Our UC has 350,000 ks on it and still hold'en together. One of the best handling reliable cars of its era.. My wife has out cornered many new cars in it And its still got its original shocks and springs!!!

Rust is often a problem with these cars. Ours was aftermarket rust proofed when new, and it has made a big difference... its now showing some rust rather that showing some metal..

The car is on its second engine, the old one having survived 20 years of mistreatment and very few oil changes... the original Auto is also long gone... The 202 is under powered, but his was the era of strange pollution modifications... The SL/T UC was Turbo Charged...14Psi.:)

1979 Holden Torana UC 1.9L Starfire from Australia and New Zealand


Flywheel teeth chewed by the starter motor.

Rust holes under the rear passenger door.

No heater.

Clutch is starting to wear.

Has trouble starting in hot or cold weather.

The starfire motor chews heaps of petrol.

5 litres for about 20 km.

General Comments:

My car is not quick at all, but I beat a Gemini 1600 :)

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Review Date: 14th May, 2001

20th Aug 2001, 00:17

Must have been a sick Gemini!! But in any case the 2.0l Torana was never anything else but a disaster in terms of motoring pleasure, reliability etc. The gutless engine was a joke. All the other models having 2.85l or 3.3l 6 cylinder engines were OK vehicles, tough, reliable and, importantly, cheap to run and repair.

If you are really into cars of that vintage try one of the bigger engined Toranas.

1979 Holden Torana UC Starfire four from Australia and New Zealand


Sick learner car


Timing chain broke.

Radiator broke.

Flat spot.

Thermostat problems.

General Comments:

Love this car, so fast and manuverable, especially when it was wet, handles so well.

But the tail lights are a bit ugly and big.

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Review Date: 24th April, 2001

1979 Holden Torana UC 1.9L Starfire from Australia and New Zealand


The worst Torana ever


Prone to rust.

Fuel pump died recently.

Carby needs overhaul (not fixed yet).

Needs a lot of warming up.

General Comments:

This car can bounce up and down at the lights cause the shockies are gone and the suspension is real soft.

Good for sliding around corners.

It's terrible for acceleration but seeing as how I paid $200 for it, it's not bad.

The large steel bumpers are excellent for hitting rubbish bins, parking cones and shopping trollies.

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Review Date: 21st March, 2001

12th Sep 2001, 06:39

Of course everything's not going to be perfect, it's nearly 30 years old for gods sake. Do yourself a favour - fix it and then drive it!!! It will be better by about 500%


11th Nov 2002, 06:30

I have recently purchased a 1978 UC SLDeluxe Hatchback! This is one of the best cars that Holden never put a V8 into. It has four wheel disk brakes, a 3.08 ratio diff, V8 suspension, and a 202 that just won't die! All this is factory fitted! This is the second time I have owned this car! You may think I am mad, no just hooked! It needed a little paint and a tidy up, but she will now live for ever!

If you treat your car with contempt, it will never treat you the way they were meant to!

24th Jan 2013, 08:46

Yes, the UC Torana and Sunbirds were a fantastic car.

Except the 4 cylinder open motor was a pig. Would kill its timing chain and head gaskets on a regular basis.

However the inline 6's and 4 cylinder Starfire motors were wonderful.

Beautiful handling and beautiful ride. Very low to the ground.

I still have my UC Hatchback today, and hope to restore it one day.

Would have loved to have seen a UC with Turbo Starfire like in the VB, VC Commodore & a 5 speed manual box.

These fully cast iron motors go forever with little to no maintenance.

If you can still find one, buy it!