1999 Holden Vectra from Australia and New Zealand


Repeatedly stalls and loses power, terrible in wet weather, and completely unreliable


Crank sensor.

Mass air flow meter.

Central locking has needed to be fixed so many times I gave up.

Multiple tubes and pipes.

General Comments:

I took out a loan to buy a car, which I hoped would last my whole uni degree. This car lasted a year before it became the most unreliable and worst investment I had ever made.

The car is manufactured and designed so badly, mechanics would have to trial and error the multiple problems that occurred within the car, simply to pinpoint the actual issue. For example, it has an air pipe less than a centimeter in diameter, which would clog up and cause various other tubes to block, and the car to cut out repeatedly - an extremely common problem apparently.

This took ages to pinpoint, and the car needs to be regularly 'unblocked' every few months - this is also very dangerous when you lose all electrics and power steering in heavy traffic.

My Vectra has had multiple problems every couple of months which have been very hard to locate the source of.

Scared of driving it due to its complete unreliability. I'd had enough, and worked my ass off to pay the loan a year early. Dumped it in my yard, and bought another car as I would not sell a car this unreliable to anyone.

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Review Date: 20th February, 2010

1999 Holden Vectra JS CD 2.0 litre from Australia and New Zealand


I love my Vectra when it works!


As with a lot of comments about Vectra's I have read, I have had problems with the remote locking, car stalling when decelerating and rough running. I am wondering if these electronic problems may be related to the "DEADLOCK" facility available with this model?

Since I have ceased to use this facility, the car has been behaving itself really well. I would be interested to see if others have similar experiences?

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Review Date: 9th January, 2009

1999 Holden Vectra CD 2.2 litre from Australia and New Zealand


Great car, but reliable? Obviously not



- Crank angle sensor ($600)

- Ignition module ($300)

- ECU (engine control unit)

General Comments:

The car stalls suddenly, leaving you stranded.

You then have to clutch start it to get it going.

This was a thoroughly researched car, low kilometer's, log books, full service history, immaculate condition, even full RACQ inspection. (what will go wrong next?)

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Review Date: 8th January, 2009

1st Jan 2010, 10:53

I just brought a Vectra 1999 JS model 2 days ago privately for $4000, and it has already stalled on me. I may possible need a new battery and a service; other than that, great cars.

1999 Holden Vectra CD 2.5 V6 from Australia and New Zealand




The car will cut out at traffic lights.

The engine overheated due to a radiator leak.

I had the radiator replaced, and then the upper hose leaked.

Engine now has a severe misfire, which causes the car to shake and splutter.

Car has developed a bad oil leak.

Car has been serviced regularly (oil change at 150 000k's, another at 155000k's).

General Comments:

The car performs well when it is working, but the costs of repairs are outrageous.

I am appalled by how much money I have had to spend on this car in such a short amount of time. It seems that I am spending money on it every month, just to keep the engine working.

The car is unreliable and Holden should never have imported such a lemon to Australia. I regret making my purchase, and when I trade the sucker in, I'll never look back.

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Review Date: 18th December, 2008

1999 Holden Vectra GL from Australia and New Zealand




Timing belt broke at 115km; needed the engine rebuilt.

Various sensors failed.

Rubbers deteriorated and needed replacing.

Interior rubbers disintegrated.

Black trims under windows fell off.

Constantly needed wheel alignments.

Timing belt pulley broke at 125km; engine needed rebuilding again.

General Comments:

The car was very fuel efficient, but the above faults outweighed any fuel savings.

Basically these cars are lemons.

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Review Date: 28th July, 2008

6th Sep 2013, 16:18

I agree, these cars are lemons. I have had very few enjoyable drives with my Vectra. Every few weeks something goes wrong, and it's more at the mechanics than in my garage. Even the mechanics are baffled as to how to fix the problems. It's all guesswork, as I've had it serviced and repaired by different mechanics, only to find out they never fixed the problem. I would highly recommend for anyone thinking of buying a Vectra, not to, as it's very high maintenance, and if you have one and nothing's gone wrong with it, trust me; something will go wrong, and it won't be cheap to fix. What a lousy car to put on the market, Holden! Can't wait to trade mine in for a Toyota.