2001 Holden Vectra GL 2.2 from Australia and New Zealand


Nice car overall


I bought this (station wagon) from a guy who had virtually owned it from new, he was happy with it for years until it started to break down on a regular basis. He took it to a local garage; they scanned the ECU (electronic control unit - engine management light was showing continually). They couldn't find the fault because basically their testing equipment wasn't up to it.

The previous owner gave up on the vehicle after this and parked it up for three years. I acquired it and have to admit it's been a challenge finding the fault/faults (I'm a retired auto electrician) and must admit I've learnt a lot about modern vehicle electrics since owning this car.

Eventually I found someone with a decent scanner which immediately picked up the fault (crank angle sensor). I fitted a new sensor (buried under the air conditioner pump); very difficult job but well worth the effort; started the engine and it ran perfectly, and the warning light was immediately extinguished.

Recently it started to surge and jerk; I did research on YouTube (electric fuel pump fault). Replaced the pump myself, an easy job (under the back seat); now running better than it's ever done.

General Comments:

I love driving this car, it's very comfortable... heaps of power... very quick... handles beautifully... easy on fuel.

My conclusions:

Basically a very nice car with some inherent problems.

There is much information about them on the net.

If you can do your own maintenance and repairs, you'll save heaps.

Mechanics do not like working on them for various reasons.

In Europe they are an Opel Vectra, South America Chevrolet Vectra, England Vauxhall Vectra. Were used as Police cars in the UK.

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Review Date: 4th August, 2016

13th Aug 2016, 21:38

Good review, you are right about this car, I'm from the UK and the Vauxhall Vectra does not have a good image here, which I think is a little unfair. Yes the Ford Mondeo is a better car, but only beats the Vectra on handling - generally they are good reliable cars just as much as any other if you look after them, electrical gremlins aside.

Still lots around from the 90s, but most people have moved on to the newer shape models from 2002 onwards, which again, pretty decent cars but far from perfect in regards to reliability. I'd much rather take a chance on a good 90s example than a more modern car of this type; the older car would be cheaper in the long run.

2001 Holden Vectra CD 2.2 petrol from Australia and New Zealand


Designed with 10 year lifespan, and then everything breaks at once


When I first bought this car, it was near perfect. And it stayed that way for almost five years. Unfortunately in the last 6 months it has turned into a lemon. What has gone wrong?

1. Water pump that was only 45000k old fell apart and leaked coolant everywhere.

2. Timing belt that was only 45000k old, required replacement, along with idler and tensioner.

3. 'Octopus' coolant hose blew. This is stupidly designed by some idiotic engineer because it connects to about 8 different parts of the engine (hence the name), and is consequently very expensive to both buy and replace.

4. Head gasket blew (didn't realise the engine was overheating due to a problem with the temperature sensor).

5. Needed to replace crankshaft sensor, cam angle sensor, oxygen sensor, and coil pack.

6. Front bumper started falling off.

7. Passenger side sun visor fell off.

To add to all the above, the car is also notorious for early replacement of brake pads (30-40,000km max).

General Comments:

Do not buy a Vectra. These cars are terrible! It might look good, and is quite comfortable and luxurious with heated leather seats, but really, isn't the main purpose of a car to get you from A to B? Which this car has failed to do on numerous occasions.

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Review Date: 24th March, 2011

24th Mar 2011, 23:32

Wow, it is like you did the review on my car, most of this stuff has happened to my JS.

The biggest pain was the cam crank and coil pack, all becoming a faulty at exactly the same time.

12th Nov 2016, 12:07

Well it looked really good. Nice to cruise until the octopus broke. I can't find one anywhere. I might have to sell. Won't ever get another Holden. Will stick to my Fords hard.