24th Jan 2012, 23:08

Some people have bought these cars, and they have been nothing but trouble. Others have gone on to do hundreds of thousands with little issue at all.

I recommend you get some prices from different auto dismantlers for the engine itself. The price can vary dramatically, depending on the number of kms the engine has completed. Personally I would go as low as possible, but that is more expensive.

All other associated parts for the job should really be purchased brand new.

Good luck mate.

6th Sep 2013, 16:11

I would cut my losses and sell it. I own a Vectra, and within months of purchase I had to have the engine rebuilt. That cost me $3,000. Since then it has had the central locking break down, radio goes on and off as it pleases. Continuous stalling, makes a ticking noise when I drive it, a foul smell coming through the A/C, and a host of other problems. I've had it serviced regularly, yet it has cost me more than I initially paid for it.

At the moment it's sitting in the garage undriveable as it won't start. I took it to the mechanics about the problem and all he did was change the battery. The following morning it wouldn't start at all. Now I don't know whether to take it to a mechanic or auto electrician. It's been sitting in the garage for 4 weeks, and I'm going to get it up and running when I have money saved up and sell it as a "lemon". I will be buying a Toyota next.

21st Feb 2015, 06:14

I repaired two things on this model and it has not cut out again while driving. Unblocked/replaced the breather pipes on the tappet cover, and most importantly: There is a black stop valve to the right of the engine. It has one rubber tube running into the side of the engine, and another plastic tube running out all the way behind the engine. Same height as the fuel injectors. And also a power terminal (sorry, I can't remember the parts name now, it slides onto a bracket on the right hand side of the engine). If any of the plastic pipes or hoses slip out or are cracked, my Vectra would not idle, or started doing the sudden death move around a corner. The valve and the plastic tube running above behind the engine gets carboned up and blocks the airflow. Clean that and you should solve your erratic idling issues!!!