28th Sep 2005, 07:31

I would advise you to get rid of it before the warranty runs out.

30th Oct 2005, 01:47

I must say that some of the comments made here make me look up in wonder. I have a J II series 2.5, V6 Hatch. Had have it from new. I, have owned and driven hundreds of cars over thousands of miles in many countries around the world.

This current VECTRA, I purchased new in Jan 2000. I, have now clocked over 135000klms., (the first 100000 in the first 2 years.) It has been served regularly and I have done a few tweaks to it. I regularly travel to Sydney from Warwick in Queensland with a fuel consuption of 5.5 ~ 6 litres per 100 km., that's not a bad return on fuel with constant speeds of 100kph.

I've have the normal visitations to holden, Door Seals, Alternator Pulley, Air Cond Dash Light and a few of other owner mentioned items.

But, when it comes down to judging the car, I cannot and will not fault it. I is a German GM master piece with Style, comfort, power, reliability and panache second to none. I know there will be knockers, knockers of every description, who seem to want to make a living out of it, but in some 55 years of driving, I can honestly say without fear of contradiction, "I HAVE NEVER HAD OR DRIVEN A LEMON". So much noise is made about the condition of such cars, my comment in conclusion is, 'they are made by man and machine, man is not infallible and a machine is only as good as the operator/programmer". So if there is a problem, talk politely to the dealer/supplier and do not shout, he/she to is only human.

23rd Feb 2006, 21:20

Hi, all.

AS an ex-GM staff, I can vouch that the J2900 Vectra models as covered by the original writer are excellent cars up to a point.

The car thrives best on open road runs and middling ambient temperature environments. Show it constant stop/start traffic with the mercury hitting 25C and above day in and day out and the flaws will show - inadequate engine cooling, weak AC system and overly tall final drive making it feel sluggish in give and take traffic situations.

The stylish merged with the bonnet flukes door mirrors are also a hazard as the field of view provided by them is way too narrow.


9th Mar 2008, 22:49

Not all Vectras are lemons. In terms of reliability, they are a bit like Lada's and Italian cars - they are a mixed bag.

Some owners swear by them (e.g:comment #4), though the majority of people seem to be swearing at them...

14th Apr 2008, 00:34


I saw your comments on the Vectra's engine light coming on and the same has happened to me twice. First it was the fuel something, now they tell me is the air flow meter. What was it if not the air flow meter?

Holden in Sydney wants $800+ to fix it, they tell me the air flow meter is not covered by the warranty. I think Holden is ripping me off.

The car has steering problems, I also had problems with the key lock and I had to replace the key barrel. The mechanic said this is also a common problem with the Vectra.

This car is a lemon and it is costing me a fortune in repairs every 4-6 months. I would not recommend it.

I think we should all form a group petition/litigation to Holden for such a badly engineered car.

23rd Jan 2012, 18:07

What did you replace the CD player with? Mine has got a CD stuck in it also, and I have no idea what to do with it...