1984 Honda Accord LX 1.8 from Australia and New Zealand


A fast reliable car. Find one and buy it!


The car had just been in service and had its clutch replaced (pretty good seeing though it hasn't been in a work shop for a good 10 years).

The rubber lining for the boot also has worn, but it only cost 20 dollars to repair so there were no dramas there.

General Comments:

Well the car is quick reaches 90km/h in 2nd gear without redlining. Very comfortable inside.

Handles well in the wet and also on dirt.

One downfall I might add is the seats are quite low, but you get use to it after a while.

All in all it's a quick and reliable car. But its only quick if you are willing to put your foot down on the accelerator!!

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Review Date: 14th October, 2003

1984 Honda Accord LX 1.8 from North America


A reliable bargain


Power Steering went out at about 210,000 miles.

One front lamp doesn't work on low beam.

Cruise control doesn't work. It hasn't worked since I bought the car.

General Comments:

This is one of the best cars I have ever owned. For the most part, it has been a great asset to my family.

My Honda is easy on gas and I have not had to put any money into repairs.

Now listen to this statement. "It has Never Not started!" That is fantastic considering that it is 19 years old!

I bought this car for $700 from someone I didn't know. I didn't even take the time to check the car's background. This is not the way to buy a car. I took a chance at it. It has paid off. I needed a car to get me to work which was about 2 miles from my home. I wasn't looking for a fast or flashy vehicle. My Honda is neither of these. I was looking for a very cheap car that was reliable. That's what this car is!

This car has little "get up" ,but lots of "go". That is to say, it has very little acceleration but it does get you where you are going.

You can tell I love this car. You might enjoy getting one also. Please check the car's backgroud, though.

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Review Date: 1st July, 2003

1984 Honda Accord LX 1.8 carb from North America


An old fun-to-drive car


When I bought that car, it was barely running, thanks to the previous owner. I bought it for $400.

Car didn't have any exhaust. I put it myself spending about $300. Couldn't find a muffler that would fit, so I left a car without it.

Starter was blown. Bought a new one for $80.

Car didn't have any motor oil in it ($4).

No coolant.

No dust caps on wheels ($3).

No gas cap ($2).

Windshield wipers were worn out ($10).

Door handles were broken ($10).

Hatch wouldn't stay open ($30).

Aftermarket shift knob was broken. I put a factory one instead (found it in the glove box).

Pedal covers were coming off. I put aftermarket aluminum covers ($20).

Tachometer would not go over 3000rpm (but the engine would). Never fixed it.

A/C doesn't work. Never fixed it.

Carburetor is leaking some gas. Never fixed it.

Power steering wasn't working and fluid was leaking. I put new power steering belt and power steering seal (may be $20).

Brake system did not have enough fluid ($3).

Replaced air filter ($5).

Rear bumper was coming off. I screwed it to the body.

Glove box compartment's lock felt off when I tried closing it. I fixed it.

Body has some dents. Paint on the roof is scratched.

Inside, cloth has many cigarette burns and is ripped off in some places.

These problems occurred later:

Timing belt started squealing at about 150000 miles. Replaced it at 162000 ($15).

Head gasket blew at 154000 miles. I decided that a car is not worth that kind of repair. Kept it running by changing oil about once a week ($4) and adding seal to the coolant.

Put new sound deck at about 155000 miles. Didn't like the old one ($200).

Changed spark plugs, wires, rotor and rotor cap at 156000 miles ($100).

Changed tires at 158000 miles ($200).

Left low beam headlight went out at 158000 miles. Replaced it ($9).

Replaced battery at 161000 miles ($35).

Overheated the engine at 162000 miles during the long trip (head gasket was still blown). Water pump and a couple hoses started leaking. Replaced them ($150).

A day later flywheel went out. Decided that car is not worth that kind of repair. Stopped driving it.

General Comments:

I wish my car was in a better condition when I bought it. I kept working on it all the time.

But even known it died. It was a nice car. It was fun to drive. It handled well. Brakes were powerful. It was roomy inside. All the controls were at the place where you would expect them to be.

I drove it all over the place (I drive a lot, probably about 3000 miles a month).

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Review Date: 5th May, 2003