1995 Honda Accord LX 2.2 from North America


Incredible Value


Very little.

Both front electric window motors.

Turn signal switch.

Only recently at 170,000 + miles:

Radiator, brake master cylinder and Air Bag sensor.

Ignition switch and gear shifter have been sticking so I expect to change these soon.

General Comments:

These cars are amazing, it still drives like new. Not a squeak or rattle anywhere. It's not surprising these cars are so popular. If you're not looking for the most exciting ride and more concerned with cheap motoring and reliability you can't beat this car.

Engine and gear box are probably good for another 100K miles easily. The interior looks like new too. Exterior paint is showing its age a little as car has never been garaged.

I've been looking for new cars recently and the more I research other manufactures the more I realise how reliable these cars are. This car still has the original engine hoses!

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Review Date: 5th January, 2005

22nd Jun 2006, 10:27

An update on this incredible car... now over 200,000 miles and still running like new.. paint is now looking poor with chips all over hood etc... but I do considerable freeway driving. engine is buring a little more oil than it use to..

Take of these cars and they'll keep running.

Still mainly on original parts... even the bulbs are original!

1995 Honda Accord LX 6 cylinder. from North America




Air Conditioner has a leak, but I only have to fill it every now and again. Many people I know have had their Air Conditioners recalled and turned them in to be replaced. Every one of them still ended up paying for a new one later. I never turned in mine and I still have never had any other problems. Blows cold as ice and where I live in the summer that is saying something.

General Comments:

Love this car. Change the oil. Do what it says in the owners manual. Keep gas in it. Do not overfill. Wash it every now and again. Do not go mudding in it more than twice a year. Keep the tires full of air. Stay between 80 and 110. This car will last forever...

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Review Date: 15th August, 2004

15th Aug 2005, 01:19

I have a 95' EX V6 110miles on it, awesome smooth car.

Stay between 80-110 MPH? You want us to get killed? How will it harm the car if you go slower?

1995 Honda Accord iLS 2.0L 130 bhp 16v SOHC injection from UK and Ireland


Exceptionally cheap, decent quality family car; but be wary of gremlins


Mysterious electrical fault causes the car to fail to start on very cold or damp mornings. The local Honda garage confirmed the problem as being the main relay and replaced it - but the car still doesn't start when cold unless the interior of it is heated up by a hairdryer... odd.

Electric window switch pack failed (caught fire, in fact), due to dodgy DIY wiring by one of the previous owners.

Passenger side electric window arms are broken.

Rocker cover gasket is blown.

Driver's side wheel bearing is busted.

General Comments:

This car generally seems to be a step backwards, both in quality and reliability, from the previous-generation (Japanese-built) Accord I owned - it went through 80,000 miles and 3 years without any problems whatsoever until it was irreparably damaged.

There are *some* redeeming features though, namely the decently quick engine which gives the car a fair power-to-weight ratio (100bhp/ton) and 130mph cruising potential (on the Autobahn of course...). Economy is decent too, with around 30mpg even when the car is driven quickly on rural roads. Plus it has the "classic" Honda gearbox - which has to be the best gearbox I've ever used - it's direct and "snickety".

The handling is utterly foolproof, all the car will do is understeer. The steering is very direct, but doesn't give much feel despite the tiddly 185-section tyres. The car takes most things in its stride, except harsher bumps. I've even had all four of its double wishbone-suspended wheels off the ground over "yumps" without complaint... it's hardly an NSX, but it's well handling enough for a family car, and certainly better than the wallowy and indirect E36 BMW 3-series I drove which is supposedly the better driver's car.

The interior is well-built, but not all that roomy, especially with the electric sunroof installed - taller drivers and passengers tend to scrape their heads on the headlining. But so far nothing has broken off, so some credit to the British Honda works where it was built.

The local Honda dealer is pretty poor; they managed to break the backwards-forwards seat adjuster and not fix it. I had to kick up a fuss before they actually did anything about it. Also they changed the spark plugs without changing the obviously worn-out HT leads which proceeded to fail a couple of weeks later resulting in misfiring.

Aesthetically it's looking good for a 9-year old car, with only one rust spot caused by someone failing to repair a scratch earlier in its life. The paintwork is still very lustrous. But I have seen versions of this car and its sister car the Rover 600 that have some extreme rust so maybe mine is just a well-finished one-off...

All in all it's a good car apart from the electrical problems; I think my electric problems may be isolated because I haven't heard anything else negative about the reliability in this era of UK-built Accords - though I did hear from someone who said a batch of Hondas had cold-start problems. It does seem that Hondas had a dip in quality and reliability somewhere in the mid-late '90s.

But you can pick one of these up for as little as £700 (mine was a huge £1200) now and at that price you really can't go wrong.

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Review Date: 25th July, 2004