1995 Honda Accord EX 2.2L VTEC SOHC from North America


Good Car for Students or a First Car and to go from A to B to A


Had to change drive axles when first got the car.

Speedometer does not work when first got the car, so I cannot tell how fast I drive or How much I have driven.

Recently, the central lock system gone crazy mode. when I lock the driver door with either the key or from inside, it will by itself lock and unlock both doors in my coupe car several times for like 10-20 seconds then stop. have no idea what is wrong with it, so I disabled the system by pulling the fuse out.

I have the automatic transmission unfortunately, nothing gone wrong with it, but it shifts very hard when car is cold and sometimes, I feel a delay before it shifts when car is cold a fraction of a second.

Recently, I had a problem with overheating, changed the thermostat, still overheats, nothing leaks no coolant missing. then I solved the problem by changing the radiator. it turned out that the radiator fins were clogged so cooling efficiency was down considerably to make the car overheat.

ABS system will make weird buzzing sound when I first start the car, one time, it kept making that sounf for a long time, saw the braking fluid in the ABS ssytem low, so I added some fluid and buzzing sound went down to only couple seconds. have no idea what the buzzing sound is for. ABS still works though.

Car is not fast in high way, especially in third gear. I had my ass handed to me many times on the high way, so I learned my lesson not to race any one cause its not fast.

AC cooling system does not hold a charge, it leaks, no intention to fix it.

General Comments:

The car is relatively comfortable on the roads.

The stopping ability and cornering ability on this car is not bad at all. will stop quickly and performs decently in corners.

The car is good when it comes to gas consumption.

The car's looks are better than their competitors.

It is not fast, Wish they had the DOHC engines in them. would have preferred if they put the integra engine in them rather than design new engines for the accord back then.

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Review Date: 1st October, 2006

1995 Honda Accord EX 2.2 VTec from North America


Best car I've owned, Solid trouble free


Driver window motor is slow, but that's minor, other than that nothing!

General Comments:

Well, I bought this car early 2000 with only 34k miles on it in outstanding immaculate condition. My previous car was a 90 accord and it rolled over to 260k when I decided to upgrade still ran excellent just wanted something newer.. the 95 accord now at 145k in 2006, is considered the best car I've ever owned.. the car has never been in service for any reason other than the regular maintenance.. its never had me stranded.. besides the fact its reliable, its fun to drive it has a sporty suspension and a tight feel to the wheel it will stick to the road.. handles great, feels solid and well built. peppy 4cyl. It still drives and feels the same as it did six years ago with 34k.. defiantly recommended...

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Review Date: 9th April, 2006

1995 Honda Accord 2.0i ES Auto 2.0 injection from UK and Ireland


I'd consider another Honda only if it is low mileage


I bought this second hand for £2000 and the air-con never worked. I had it gassed, it was great for 1 day, but the next day it was blowing hot air again. So a leak somewhere.

Biggest gripe is that car drank like a fish. I estimate it did about 18 miles/gallon. 65 litres did about 250 miles tops.

There was significant rust on the rear wheel arches. The rear bumper came off on one side due to this rust. I never got it repaired because it wasn't worth it.

At about 1,10,000 miles, drivers side window got stuck. Had it repaired on two separate occasions since and it meant driving with the window open. It also meant I couldn't wind it all the way down in case it got stuck again. Cost about £100 to fix each time using RAC windscreens.

At about 1,20,000 miles the car developed a hot starting problem. The car refused to re-start if I drove to a petrol pump for example - had to wait from a few minutes to half an hour before it would start again. Took it to a Honda dealer in Dunstable (Bedfordshire) who after "investigating" said they were unable to locate the problem, but happily quoted me £1800 for other things that they felt I should get done! After prowling the internet, I found the fault to be the main relay which I re-soldered myself and it was fixed. Locating the main -relay was another job in itself - there was no manual to go by and the part was extremely hard to get to.

At 1,25,000 miles, the distributor died and at the same time, the radiator began leaking. The rocker cover gasket has also failed, so it leaked oil everywhere. So I got rid of the car.

General Comments:

Handles well. Great on motorways. Mechanics were sound until I had problems already mentioned. I attribute these issues mostly to the high mileage of the car and wear and tear. The dealer I dealt with in Dunstable were a rip off when it came to servicing or repair.

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Review Date: 16th March, 2006

17th Mar 2006, 12:09

£2000 for an 8yr old Accord is way, way too much. How come you let them charge you £1800 for work you didn't authorise???

20th Feb 2007, 21:11

Why would you buy another piece of junk?