1995 Honda Accord LX 2.2 from North America




I have owned this car for a while now and the guy before me took great care of it. It looks brand new, for a 95 Honda Accord LX, with a 5 speed trans in it, it's amazing.

The car looks and drives still like brand new without a problem.

General Comments:


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Review Date: 2nd September, 2008

1995 Honda Accord Dx 2.2 non V tech from North America


Decent Transportation


When I first bought the car I took it to a certified honda tech. Leaking valve cover gasket, leaking clutch fluid, engine in need of 100k mile tune up, adjust valves, needed distributor, spark plugs, etc. The a.c. never worked really well and it is very noisy and car is bogged down when I use it so I only use it on the freeway. All fluids were changed as they were fairly dirty. Power steering unit had very small leak, cv boot needed replacing. Most recently this car has developed an intermittent starting problem only once a month for the last three months when engine is warm and when temperature is close to hot. Of course I cannot get fixed because it has to not start when the technician sees it. Also before I forget the manual transmission shifts well but is a little clunky at low Rpm's from first to second gear. Nobody found anything wrong.

General Comments:

All in all I do like the car but I will consider getting another vehicle soon. These cars are decent but I feel they are a little over hyped and over rated. Gas mileage is decent 25 avg. and that is in the summertime. I took very good care of this car and it is just OK. Don't expect this car to be maintenance free, just a decent family vehicle for two small children and a good commuter.

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Review Date: 31st August, 2008

1995 Honda Accord EX 4 cylinder from North America


Outstanding Auto!


Paint is wearing out

Main Oil Seal (210000)

Brake work - various intervals

Power Window (205000)

General Comments:

This is a fine vehicle. I purchased in 1999 with 70k miles - It now has over 210k. Repairs have been minimal. Original transmission/ a/c / basically everything in the car. This car may fall apart tomorrow, but this has been the best car I have ever owned.

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Review Date: 31st July, 2008

1995 Honda Accord EXi-S 2.2 from Australia and New Zealand


Nice, but I like it more than I love it


Not much, had a cracked engine mount when I bought it.

The headlights keep blowing bulbs.

Leather is extremely low quality and cracks easily.

Heater core is leaking.

Intermittent ABS fault.

Drivers window is creaky when it goes down.

Remote locking is broken.

General Comments:

Generally reliable for its' age, fit and finish is excellent. Car started first time after being left in a blizzard.

The car is very economical on long trips (Auckland -> Wellington has been done on one tank before), but around town it drinks too much.

Performance is decent, but it's hardly a drivers car.

Well equipped car, but the seats hurt my back after a few hours.

Ultimately a bland car though that I have no emotional attachment to.

NB: This is the US-shape model.

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Review Date: 29th July, 2008

13th Apr 2010, 03:24

I have exact the same car and suffered from exact problems. How coincidental. =)

Check my review about this car on this website.

1995 Honda Accord LX 2.2 liter from North America


She'll get you there!!!


Water pump and timing belt blew at 136000kms.

Car turned off while driving = ignition switch 120.00 (was a recall). It's under the front steering wheel, worked no problem after replaced.

Oil changed (synthetic) 4x a year.

Front end suspension fixed 155000kms 900.00.

Front brakes and rear 160000kms, but I think they were done before.

If you buy after 136000kms, everything should be fixed for the next 200000K except brakes and maybe a muffler (maybe)

General Comments:

I love my Honda, it thinks with the driver, it becomes one with its owner.

It now has under steer because of the rear shocks, but so what, it's 13 years old.

Because I'm looking for a new car, I drive it like I'm trying to kill it. I take it off road in the bush, country roads, on the highway at 140Km/hr I drive it around corners like I'm in Miami Vice.

Strange thing is, its performance got better, like I trained it or something. It speeds up faster, never sounds like a sewing machine, and just lurches forward on command.

I get WAY better fuel economy when I use premium fuel. Which is a weird thing I came across by accident; anyone with one of these babies should try it.

The body is in decline from my abuse, and there is a lot of rust on the fenders and trunk lid.

The only thing that rattles is the glove compartment door, because the lock is loose. Other than that, she's as quiet as a kitten and stable as steel.

I've never had the radiator changed, never overheated, never even changed the radiator fluid.

Never had the muffler changed, never had a tune up, not a plug, not a wire EVER..

The AC is cold as ice, but the heater blower's a bit too slow for winter.

Speaking of winter, never plugged it in. ALWAYS starts even in -31 celcius, which we get in Canada a lot in the winter.

I've plowed through snow banks 3 feet high, and took her on icy roads just to slide around. She loves the winter.

I'm still trying to kill it, just to see if she keels, but she hangs in there like we're in competition.

The interior is 100% nicer than the plastic of today.

And the dealer replaced 2 broken control knobs on for free. No cracks, no sun wear and it's outside all the time. Seats are like new and feel as good as the 2008's.

I'm giving it to my son after I buy new this month another Honda of course. And dollars to donuts, it will go another 100000Kms. She just won't quit!

I'm glad she's staying in the family.

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Review Date: 25th July, 2008