2009 Honda Accord Euro L 2.4 from Australia and New Zealand


Buy a Honda, buy the best, drive a mile, walk the rest!


Have owned the car since brand new.

The following problems have occurred:

Loss of power while cruising. Happened about 3 times throughout year. Left stranded on side of road. Important meetings to get to. Often wish I still had my zippy wee Rover Streetwise.

Battery fried (the car is only a bit over a year old!)

Computer packed up.

Interior has plastic everywhere. Scratches easily. Weak and very cheap looking.

I've had many other repairs, but am writing this very quickly so cannot remember them right now. I'll keep you updated.

General Comments:

The seats are average, but there is very little rear legroom for tall passengers.

All I can say is I'm glad this car is covered by a warranty.

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Review Date: 17th May, 2010

2009 Honda Accord EX 2.4 from North America


Most disappointing car I have ever purchased


1. Plastic shield at bottom of windshield has fallen off.

2. Paint is peeling off the hood.

3. Tire pressure on delivered automobile was at 18 PSI.

4. Rear license plate mounting assembly fell off car 3 days after purchase.

5. Radio reception is dismal.

6. Headlights are very poor after dark.

7. Car is extremely LOUD (road noise).

8. Car has the most uncomfortable seats I have ever experienced.

9. Had to remove headrest in order to drive car - extreme pain with it in place. Pushes too far forward.

10. Trim falling off interior of car.

General Comments:

I have owed and driven Honda products for 20 years. Until I purchased this vehicle on March 27, 2010 I was a true Honda fanatic. After ending up with this piece of junk I will never do business with Honda again. Not just their automobiles, but all of their products.

One day after taking delivery of the car I drove 500 miles. The noisiest, most painful 500 miles I have ever driven. These characteristics are not apparent on the short test drive that the dealer gives you. The level of road noise in this vehicle is absolutely intolerable. My 1990 Integra is much quieter (as measured by a db meter), and the Integra is purposely designed to be a noisy car! I have spent many hours in 2010 Toyota Camrys and Nissan Altimas, and they are MUCH quieter.

The seats are extremely uncomfortable, becoming very apparent after 15 minutes or so. The worst thing is the headrest. It leans very far forward. Your head is bent down and your shoulders forced off the seat. Just try driving like that for more than 5 minutes at a time. I was forced to either remove the headrests, or park the car. The dealer and American Honda were both useless in attempting to find a way to correct this situation. (the headrest is only adjustable up and down, not in any other direction)

These are only my primary complaints. I brought these issues to the dealer and American Honda. American Honda was especially disinterested. American Honda made it clear that because the cars are selling they could care less. They also stated that they had no knowledge of either of these problems. (In 5 seconds you can find thousands of complaints on the Web about these deficiencies.) I have interviewed several dozen Honda service managers. They freely told me that they frequently get complaints about these issues. I submitted a summary regarding those interviews to American Honda, and they told me that unless customers contact them directly they are not interested. I guess my purchase of a $30,000 automobile does not qualify me as a "customer".

When I bought this car I had a need to purchase 3 vehicles. Due to a set of unexpected circumstances I purchased the first vehicle alone. Thank God for that. Now I shall be spared the horror of owning 3 of these terrible things.

Before you consider Honda be very careful to research the vehicle thoroughly and make sure you spend enough time in the car to make an informed decision. I was completely shocked by my experience. The only solution is for Honda sales to dry up, at which point they may finally get a clue and fix these simple problems. But in the meantime they will continue to foist this unacceptable crap on the populace.

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Review Date: 10th May, 2010

21st Oct 2013, 12:19

It's not supposed to be a head REST. It's a head RESTRAINT. If you are resting your head on it while you are driving, you aren't in the right position. It's not there to hold your head up while you are driving; it's there to protect you from whiplash when you get hit from the back. All those ones that you think are comfortable won't give you any protection at all. The head restraints in most cars up until very recently have provided practically no protection. Thankfully, most of the manufacturers have woken up, but now everyone complains they are "uncomfortable."

22nd Oct 2013, 08:48

Said it pushes his head too far forward as I read it. Not good if you are looking down at the dash and floor.