12th May 2008, 04:01

It's very sad but I noticed this too.

I was looking for a new Honda Accord Euro, which looked fine, (Acura TSX with a bit different styling) But when I got in, there was none of the old padded soft touch feel of my dad's old 92 Civic; it was hard, chintzy and impossible to see out the back of. What's with that?

The car was a good price, but I'd rather lose a few of those "features" like EBD and Brake assist for decent interior trim components.

2nd Jun 2008, 15:49

So you'd rather lose the good braking system as long as your head hits a nice soft padded dash on impact eh? Honda's interiors are better than most like Nissan and even Toyota. Most manufacturers use similar type of plastics, though, and all are harder and cheaper looking nowadays. I think the honda interior is pretty tight and very nicely laid out. It is a quiet rattle free design too which adds to its feel of high quality.

2nd Jul 2008, 17:49

To the above comment, EBD and Brake Assist are highly overrated. Brake Assist becomes more annoying when you suddenly brake but don't need to emergency brake, it just slams the brakes on for you assuming that's what you need.

The car should not take control over the driver.

How can EBD actually improve over anti-lock braking, because the wheels already in anti-locking mode can't have any more pressure put to them, regardless of what EBD is trying to do.

2nd Jul 2008, 17:51

I think you'll find the switch to harder materials seems to have more people complaining of rattles, or is that simply because NVH has improved, although there seem to be a few complaints about road noise.

15th Jul 2008, 18:31

It seems that most of the road noise complaints are on the EX model with the larger wheels and tires. I am thinking that may have something to do with it. My LX-P is really quiet at all speeds with it's little (and cheaper to replace) 16" tires. I have had three cars in a row now that didn't squeak with their hard plastics inside... It is more about how well put together the car is than the materials. Nissan and Mitsu squeak like there is no tomorrow. I've had one of each in the past and hated them both for that reason.

27th Aug 2008, 13:27

I just can't fathom paying 26 grand for a poorly equipped and less than reliable car like the Accord. I paid $20,340 in August of 2007 for a fully loaded Mustang Pony Edition with leather, satellite radio, upgraded 17" wheels and 55-series tires. It has every power option available. It also comes with a much better warranty.

The worst experience I ever had was with a Honda Civic. It didn't make it to 100,000 miles. One of our family's Fords was traded at 325,000 miles and had had a couple of hoses, a starter, and a muffler in the 17 years it was driven. I'll stick with Ford. Ad hype has painted too rosy a picture of imports.

3rd Oct 2008, 23:46

I am the original poster. I should have clarified better. I did not pay 26k for the car, but the MSRP is or was 26k.

I took the car back to the dealer, and not surprisingly the dealer cannot find anything wrong with the car, saying that everything I have brought up to him is "normal". I don't give him grief because I really think he's being honest with me. I think it's just an over hyped car that is living off its 90's reputation.

Now my window creaks when I crack it to let some fresh air in. Plus the blower is making an awful noise, that of course comes and goes. Really disgusted, but I 100% blame myself for taking the hook.

My friend purchased a Ford Fusion that is tight as a drum... no squeaks or rattles, quieter, buttery smooth idle, much smoother ride...

4th Oct 2008, 19:46

I drove 3 Fusions before buying my last car, and they were some of the most solid, well-built sedans I've ever driven. Even with the 4 there was plenty of power, and the 6 was a rocket. I can see why they are the highest rated car Consumer Reports has ever reported on. My only complaint is that they only come in a 4-door and I wanted something with a bit more sporting appeal.

I like the new Accord coupe, but due to very bad experience with Honda in the past and a price difference of nearly 6 grand, I opted for a fully loaded Mustang V-6 Pony coupe. It is nowhere near as smooth as the Fusion, but being a sports car I wouldn't expect it to be.