2008 Honda Accord LX 2.4L from Saudi Arabia


Very happy with my purchase


Only seven months into owning this car, and nothing has gone wrong. The previous (first) owner performed all routine maintenance and replaced whatever the service interval called for. The A/C evaporator is the only thing that failed while he was using the car, but that was 8.5 years after he bought it brand new.

General Comments:

I bought this car in February from a co-worker who bought it brand new. I knew from him that it was an extremely reliable car, and so far I have not faced any issues. Routine service at the Honda service center in Jeddah (by the Haraj) is reasonably priced.

I give it high marks for performance and comfort based on the fact that it is a common family car with a four-cylinder engine. This is the first daily driver for me which gives some driving pleasure for the type of car it is. There are no squeaks or rattles, but you can feel engine vibration through the steering wheel.

It has plenty of room and a big back seat which can fold down to take multiple IKEA flat packs. Overall I am very happy with my purchase and will post an update later on.

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Review Date: 16th September, 2020

2008 Honda Accord EX 3.5 V6 from North America


A real disappointment of a car


Transmission had to be replaced/rebuilt at 50000 miles.

Arm rest vinyl covering ripped.

Seats are very uncomfortable.

Interior rattles.

General Comments:

After owning 5 other Hondas, I am very disappointed in this 2008 V6 Accord.

The seats are the most uncomfortable I've ever sat on.

I had to replace the transmission at 50000.

The interior quality is way worse than I expect from Honda, and there are rattles and vibrations I have never experienced from the other 5 Hondas that I have owned over the past 30 years.

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Review Date: 2nd January, 2016

4th Jan 2016, 06:20

Honda slipped big time during this model year. The interiors in those cars are horrible. Cheap plastic that is flimsy everywhere you touch and makes creaking noises. The gear selector is loose fitted, and the 4 cylinder would vibrate. The road noise is unbelievably bad in these Hondas too. The last gen Hondas were actually a little quieter inside. The ride is stiff and harsh as well.

Just a crappy time for Honda as they gave up on quality control.

The 2016 Hondas are much, much better, but the competition has caught up and surpassed the brand in many areas.

29th Nov 2017, 20:27

Interesting point of view. There are also many negative reviews on the Odyssey. The Civic were pretty lame too, if still reliable. Honda has gone through rough years up to 2015. You can never be sure how a company is managed. Any company can make great cars for 10 years, then new direction/management comes in and all goes downhill. Let's hope they go back to the roots with the new 2015+ models.

2008 Honda Accord LX 2.4 from North America


An all around great car, worthy of consideration


Transmission "D" light was blinking just after I bought the car used in March. I brought in to the dealer and they quickly fixed the problem. It was a switch that needed to be changed. This was covered under warranty.

The rear parcel shelf in the back seat is the culprit of some intermittent rattling. Can be annoying, but doesn't ruin the whole car by any means.

General Comments:

The Accord is quite a large car, but drives like a much smaller car. The powerplant is an ultra smooth Honda unit with plenty of power when the revs get high enough. The transmission is smooth and quick to shift.

The Accord handles much better than anyone would expect a car like this to handle. It's light on its feet, has accurate steering and just generally feels playful. I love this about Hondas.

Interior space on the Accord is a strong point. It's more room than I will ever need, with excellent visibility thanks to the thin pillars and low belt line.

Stock audio set up is adequate at best, but it is just fine for me - the Accord is the household's second vehicle, not the main vehicle.

Though I bought the Accord not long ago, I know it will give me many years and many, many more trouble free kilometres.

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Review Date: 5th December, 2012