2008 Honda Accord Coupe 4 cylinder from North America


It's OK


So far, dealer fixed rattles in the dash and center console, but there's a persistent rattle from the back shelf or trunk area.

Replaced rear pads at 19,000 miles and 43,000. Crazy part is that I commute 80 miles/day on back roads, so most of the time I'm cruising. No stop and go driving. Front brakes are almost untouched. Figured the rear brakes should have lasted almost forever. Honda parts guys says the rear brakes on the 2008 were engineered by a junkie.

The moulding around the windshield was mottled on delivery. Dealer said they'd need to pull the windshield to replace it, and that was not what I wanted for a new car because of risking leaks.

Engine vibrates with the A/C on when the car is idling in gear. Idles smooth when the A/C is off.

23 mpg in rural driving. Best is 26 mpg on long trips. This is about the same as our CRV. I expected better.

General Comments:

The car always starts, drives smoothly and handles well, pickup is good for a 4 cylinder, and I like the styling except for the back end. Anyone who says the Coupe is ugly, better show me something better in the low $20Ks. A/C cools fine on hot days, and ergonomics are OK for me.

However, next car is definitely not a Honda.

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Review Date: 18th November, 2010

18th Nov 2010, 19:49

"Anyone who says the Coupe is ugly better show me something better in the low $20Ks."

Okay, the 2011 Mustang. $22K for 305 hp. You'd be spending about $30K to get the Accord coupe with 271 hp.

I, however, think the Accord coupe is a beautiful car too. The rear end of the Accord sedan has improved with the larger tail lights.

18th Nov 2010, 19:52

"23 mpg in rural driving. Best is 26 mpg on long trips. This is about the same as out CRV. I expected better."

Huh, I was consistently getting just below 28 mpg with mixed driving on my '08 Accord. I also drove at 75+ on the highways. Full highway trips are easily into the 30's. Not sure why you'd be getting so much less mileage than I did.

21st Nov 2010, 18:51

I drive a 2010 Accord Coupe, silver over black with V6 and the manual six speed. Gas mileage is in the 24 to 25 mpg range with a high in the 26's as long as I keep the RPM's under 3,500. With the fun to drive six speed and 271 hp on tap, the temptation is always there.

I considered the new V6 Mustang, but by the time options were added on to match an EX-L V6, the Ford was as much or more than an Accord. Plus with so many Mustangs that look about the same, I chose a much rarer car.

A Honda salesman told me only about 3,200 V6 manual Coupes were made in 2010 out of Coupe production run of around 35,000 vehicles. Yet to find a source to verify his numbers.

I would buy another Honda/Acura. Wife drives a 2003 TL Type S that also delivers gas mileage in the 25-26-27 range. Maybe the 4 cylinder has to work harder than a V6 (says my mechanic), and therefore gas mileage on the highway is not that great.

2008 Honda Accord EX-L w/Navi 3.5L V6 from North America


Great car, but has a couple of issues


Navigation sometimes fails to come on when I start the car. Brought to the dealer and could not repeat the problem.

Rear brakes/rotors worn/warped at 30K miles. Pads had 1mm left and rotors were warped. Dealer machined rotors under warranty, but charged $165 for rear pads.

Key FOB frequently did not work - took several button presses to lock/unlock the doors or release the trunk lid. Dealer fixed and works great now.

General Comments:

Overall, I am happy with the Accord. It rides great and I love the navigation system & bluetooth for handsfree phone. The stereo also sounds great.

My complaint is with the rear brakes. This apparently is a common problem with the 2008/2009 Accords, after I did some research. If yours pulses while braking, get it checked right away. Dealer informed me the warping was due to hard/excessive braking, then going through a puddle (immediate cooling). While I disagree with his explanation, there is a class-action suit on this issue - apparently, if you file, you can get up to $150 in repair costs reimbursed. By the way, I also had this happen on my Escort ZX-2 and Chevy Silverado, so this is not limited to Honda.

A minor annoyance, when the VCM kicks in, the engine seems to run a little rough - it's barely noticeable, but if you are tuned into that kind of thing, it will eventually get on your nerves. Also - if you run the window defrost on a lower fan setting between 68 and 72 degrees, a slight whistling sound can be heard. Again - can be annoying.

A lot of harsh comments on this board about the Accord - squeaks/rattles, etc. IMHO these are minor issues - not grounds to shred a company and spout that its quality had declined. I've owned many vehicles (Chevy, Ford, Dodge, Olds) and this Accord is by far the most like the day I drove it off the lot after 2 years and 30K miles. My issues are a little disappointing, but I still believe the Accord is one of the top choices for a family sedan.

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Review Date: 8th July, 2010