2008 Honda Accord Coupe EX-L Navi 3.5 from North America


Love it 90% of the time!


3rd gear not engaging properly. Bulletin from dealer of a kit to repair and done at no extra cost. Crappy part of deal is that they put my into a base model Hyundai Accent for two days... Embarrassing.

Rattles and creaks in dash and in passenger seat somewhere drive me crazy.

Gas door won't open many times without several pushes of the gas release button. Dealer twice and works great there, guess I'll try to fix it myself.

General Comments:

All in all, I love the car. Its looks, ride and performance. It's just the small things like not being able to fill up that anger me. My $1300 Civic's gas door opened every time.

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Review Date: 30th May, 2009

23rd Aug 2009, 11:44

I completely understand where you are coming from. I also have an EX-L V6 Coupe with Navi. I have the exact fuel door problem that causes me to kneel beside my car at the gas station pushing the button several times to get the door to open. Mine too open perfectly the first time every time at the dealer when I complained about it.

My Accord is complete with the same set of rattles as yours too. They had to completely disassemble the rear interior to fix a loose weld that was causing an awful creaking sound. I still have an annoying rattle coming from the rear shelf, but was told that is normal for any car and to not bring my car back anymore. There is something rattling around in the ceiling that I haven't gotten a chance to investigate yet. Due to Honda's policy of not offering free loaner cars for warranty service, it is hard to find time to get it in to be looked it.

I really love this car, but these things just frustrate me too much of the time for what I paid for this car. Good luck to you with your car.

2008 Honda Accord Coupe EX-L Nav 3.5 V6 from North America


A great looking, fun to drive car that doesn't come close to its reputation for quality


I was quite excited to have purchased a Honda given its extremely good reputation for quality. However I have been very unimpressed so far with the build quality of the vehicle. Upon driving it off the showroom floor, it had a rattle in the rear window "shelf" that required 2 separate trips to the dealer to have fixed. The entire back seat and shelf ware taken apart and reassembled to fix this issue. All under warranty. So far, this has remained fixed.

At about 8000 miles, another rattle developed in what appears to be coming from passenger side rear seat side airbag unit. I have yet to find the time to take it to the dealer for inspection.

At about 11,000 miles I discovered yet another rattle coming from the rear window shelf again.

The fuel door release usually only works after pushing it at least 5 times, and sometimes requires more pushes than that. When I asked the dealer to inspect this during my first oil change, it opened the first time he tried it, so no work was able to be done on it.

General Comments:

I love to drive this car and it looks incredible. I love to walk up to it in the parking lot after work knowing it is my car, but it is frustrating to buy a US $30,000 plus car from a manufacturer with such a high reputation for quality and be so disappointed in the quality of the product. The car drives beautifully, but the build quality is so awful.

I know the dealer will fix this all under warranty, but due to Honda's program of no loaner cars, it is very inconvenient to find a day to sit at the dealer while they attempt to fix my car. I traded my old Pontiac with 98,000 miles before it started to require frequent trips to the dealer. Guess I should have held on to it since even at 98,000 miles there wasn't a rattle to be heard anywhere.

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Review Date: 22nd April, 2009

22nd Apr 2009, 19:15

I hope you will have no more issues with your Accord. Just I'm wondering how they can design the tail of such a respected car that ugly?! It's a shame that I could not convince myself to spend my money on a 2008 Accord just for that reason!

P.s. My wife does not agree with the coupe which does not have this problem; We are still looking for a car then!