29th Sep 2008, 20:21

I would agree that the car is a bit difficult to back up due a sense of a lack of knowing precisely where the back of the car ends. A back-up camera sounds like a great idea. I have no difficulty with loss of vision due to the side pillars, but I will take a closer look at this.

My dealer never mentioned that we need an inspection at 1000 km. I shall query this. I would be concerned about the clunking sound. I know you'll ask your dealer about this. Thanks for your input.


28th Oct 2008, 20:36

We have now had the Accord for about a month and we still love it. It is getting great gas mileage and, what else can I say - it is just an all around wonderful vehicle. I do notice that the tilt steering does not extend down further then I would like. However, I have compensated for this by simply lowering the power seat. Again, I am duly impressed by the responsiveness and shear power of the vehicle. I also love when that little green "ECO" light comes on telling me that I am saving on gas - very nice indeed!


5th Nov 2008, 01:24

Reply to Jim's comments, the first service at 1000kms was merely a change of oil at no charge from the dealer, who is a well established Honda dealer in South Australia.

I haven't noticed any further clunking sounds when engaging reverse, but suspect the car is on a hilly driveway, so may be something to do with oil levels?

I had sensors and camera installed, and it's fantastic, especially if you have children and is even sufficient at night.

My Honda was fantastic throughout my trip of nearly 2400kms, and I was really impressed with its ride, performance and handling; great on the open road - if you needed to overtake trucks slower vehicles, it was great.

I was glad I went for the V6 just for the extra power and performance when driving long distances. I couldn't see why you'd spend the extra 8k on the luxury model for the leather, sat nav and moon roof.

The Honda for the money represents great value for resale, safety, refinement and style. I'm glad I didn't go for the BF Ford XR6 as the new car price has dropped 6k off the initial price - you wouldn't be a happy camper if you purchased the vehicle a couple of weeks before the price drop from Ford.

I have had plenty of looks from people at the Honda, whether they don't know what car it is, but the polished metal color looks great, and I'm also keen on the gold color as well.

This is my first Honda and I'm very impressed with it, and it's so quiet and comfortable enjoyable on a long trip with great lumbar support.