6th Nov 2009, 17:03

Honda's are incredible vehicles. I had a '96 Accord that had well over 180,000 on it the day I was rear ended by a Buick Roadmaster that blew through a stop sign and smashed my bumper at over 30 MPH. I skidded about 10 feet. Then I got out to check on the other driver to find that their airbags had deployed and their entire front end had folded in on itself, rendering the car no longer driveable. Upon inspection of my Accord, I needed a new rear bumper. Indestructible little thing. I drove away as the Buick was hauled away on a flat bed.

7th Nov 2009, 14:07

For as long as I can remember, my family has been a Honda family. We bought a Civic the first year it came out and absolutely loved it for the entire 500,000 miles and 20 years that we owned it. Never replaced anything out of the ordinary and the engine and transmission were still all original. We've actually, for the most part, been a Chrysler-Honda family. Loving both brands. We've owned Ford's and Chevy's, only to have them be plagued with problems (First Chevy we owned we kept for a week before trading it in on a Chrysler because it was so bad. First Ford we owned we had for ONE HOUR before it broke down and we traded it in on a Civic.) We always buy our cars new, but always keep them for AT LEAST 200,000 miles. I loved our Honda's especially. Even now we have both a Chrysler and a Honda! A 1995 Plymouth Neon and a 2008 Honda Civic, and we love both of them.

3rd Jul 2012, 23:55

"First Ford we owned we had for ONE HOUR before it broke down and we traded it in on a Civic.) "

Was the Ford new or used? Which model?

6th Jul 2012, 09:54

It was a '93 Ford Escort bought brand new off the dealer lot. Engine locked up 10 miles down the road!