10th Oct 2002, 20:12

I also have an 89 accord. The car is great. As far as the 110 mile an hour mark I've hit 118 in mine and it handled great. I've taken it off road and through about six inches of snow doing doughnuts and the handling is still perfect.

They really are great cars, just hard to find performance parts for. lol.

10th Oct 2002, 20:15

I just added the last comment. I also had the thermostat close up on me and cause it to overheat. Also when I went to change it out the top bolt broke off in the housing and had to get drilled and tapped out of there. The housing itself only costs about $70 but I had it rethreaded. Anyways, it is a great car.

20th Jul 2003, 23:11

I wrote the article. I am finally selling my '88. I just bought a '95 del Sol. But I fell bad selling the Accord, because there is nothing wrong with it, outside of the exhaust leak. At 277,800 miles, it still runs awesome. There were no other problems that weren't mentioned in my reviews. I managed to get 40.9 mpg on a long trip last month, though. I love that car, and will probably regret selling it. Whoever winds up with it is getting a deal!

21st Feb 2008, 10:27

I recently just purchased my 88'Accord last year and already I have spend a great amount of money on that car. But what can I expect I only paid 300.00 for it, the gas mileage is the only good thing about mines is that it gets good gas mileage!!!I brouht it to the car dealership and they told me they would give me a thousand for it so I'm thinking about trading it in.. The only thing is I don't know if I'm willing to pay a car note everymonth or fix me piece a crap once a week..