1988 Honda Accord LX 2.0 from North America


How do you spell reliability... A-c-c-o-r-d


By the time I bought the car, the seats had been well worn, and slight rust had begun to form over the rear wheel well.

The clutch was serviced and adjusted soon after I bought it.

Besides what "came" with the car, regular maintenance was the only time the car was serviced.

General Comments:

Honda Accords are amazing. Especially the models with the manual transmissions. My car handled better than any other car of its age, due to it's four wheel independent double wishbone suspension, had enough power, and consistently showed impressive gas mileage. How long would have my Accord have gone? Due to a deer, I'll never know.

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Review Date: 30th July, 2001

1988 Honda Accord LX 2.0 carb from North America


You cannot get a better college car - reliable, good on gas, and cheap to run


The exhaust was bad when I bought the car. Replacing it cost $140.

The cassette player did not work (I put in a CD player).

The thermostat was stuck open. I left it alone until it stuck closed and caused my car to overheat. The bolts on the housing broke during repair.

I tuned it up to stop a rough idle.

It has the usual rear-quarter panel rust, and the paint on the wheels is peeling off.

It takes 11 seconds from 0 to 60.

The horn is wimpy.

General Comments:

The car only cost me $1500. No one would buy it because of the number of miles it had on it.

The car gets great gas mileage (27 in the city, 36 on the highway).

It is very comfortable for long trips.

Everything still works! This includes all power windows, locks, and mirrors, as well as the cruise control, A/C, and heater.

Despite its age, the interior shows no signs of wear.

The body has held up very well. The doors all close flush and smoothly, the pop-up headlights still work.

It still runs 110 miles per hour.

The interior layout is perfect. All the controls are right where they should be, with the exception of the tiny horn buttons.

Finally, the car is bulletproof. I was run off the road doing 80 miles an hour, slid through a median, and launched over a curb. I was in the air for over two seconds (my passenger will verify). The car never stalled, and once I got it back on the road, it tracked dead straight. Try that in a Corvette.

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Review Date: 20th June, 2001

7th Sep 2001, 23:21

I am the original author of the article. Since I wrote the article in the first place, I have put another 5,000 miles on it with no problems. On a 675-mile round trip, it went 535 miles on a tank of gas, despite being burdened with two passengers and 200 pounds of luggage. The seats were great; we went 6 1/2 hours (425 miles) without stopping.

1988 Honda Accord LX 2.0L 4 cylinder from North America


Extremely reliable, fun vehicle


Front brake rotors have been replaced twice. Relatively inexpensive though.

The radiator has been replaced once.

5th gear (Overdrive) burned out at 150,000 miles. Drives fine anyway.

General Comments:

Amazing vehicle.

It gets excellent gas mileage and has decent power for the engine size.

Extremely reliable.

Easy to work on.

Most mechanical problems have been encountered during extended high strain driving (110 mph+ for over 3 hours straight).

My last Honda Accord LX (1989) is still running with 245,000 miles on it.

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Review Date: 5th June, 2001

1988 Honda Accord LX 4 cylinder from North America


Reliable, reliable, reliable


Not one thing!!! This is definitely not a Ford...

General Comments:

I bought this as a cheap college car, and it has now become my cheap work car. There is no way I can rationalize getting rid of it. I drive it daily and am constantly amazed at how it just keeps going and going without a problem. It runs and drives like a car with half the miles. It is not a rocket by any means, or a chick magnet, but the MPG is in the mid 30's, and it has never let me down.

Highly recommended.

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Review Date: 16th March, 2001

14th Jun 2001, 00:24

Hell yeah! I got a 88 accord too. just got my brake thing fixed and my A/C.

5th Feb 2002, 07:43

I don't understand how these Hondas are getting 30 MPG. I have the same car. A 1988 Honda Accord LXi, 2 door. I have given it a tune up, put in engine treatments and babied it. And I still only get 20 MPG tops!!! What can I do to get better gas mileage. E-mail me at eminmtsslp@aol.com

16th Sep 2004, 01:13

I have a 1987 Honda Accord, It runs great... but it has 191,000 miles... anyone know what I can do to keep this thing alive??? Because I love this car.

3rd Dec 2004, 18:46

How to keep your Honda alive, do like I do. My car is an '87 Accord LX, 5 speed manual, 326,000km. Change the engine oil every three months, air filter at least once a year; add injector/ carb cleaner to the tank at every oil change; flush coolant at least once every other year, and use "hi- mileage" motor oil 10W30, also helps to use an additive such as Lucas oil supplement during the summer months- engine will not burn a drop of oil. Do this steadfastly and the engine will outlast the car.