1988 Honda Accord LX 2.0 liter SOHC 12-valve from North America


Cheap, reliable, and very fun to drive


Carburator tension spring was sticking, causing the idle to stay too high (3000 rpm). Fixed for $40 but still idles a little high when cold.

Driver's side door panel busted near the beltline... Still need to get that fixed.

I've had no major problems with this car.

General Comments:

I used to work as a detailer and drove many different kinds of cars. Over the years, I've been really impressed with Honda's. They are very well built, always reliable, and offer both good performance and great fuel economy.

My Accord drives really great. It feels like a car ten years newer and with half the mileage. Although the engine could use a little more low end power, it is surprisingly zippy in traffic and offers plenty of passing power on the highway, easily cruising at 80+ mph. I live in the mountains and this car still gets 30-33 mpg. I highly recommend the 5-speed manual because it makes the car feel much sportier.

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Review Date: 20th January, 2004

1988 Honda Accord LX-i 2.0 Fuel injected gas from North America


Great little ride with some power to go. Not bad for $1375.00 cash


When I first bought the car, it needed a valve cover gasket. I replaced it the second day I owned it.

Also the CV joints were shot. I also replaced them on the second day of ownership.

About two weeks later, two hoses busted and coolant sprayed everywhere. Fixed that problem with two new hoses on the side of the road, only took a screwdriver and about thirty minutes.

Power antenna broke and I just replaced it with a regular stationary antenna.

General Comments:

This Honda is very quick and handles great. I've raced a few newer Honda Civics and blew their doors off. Also handles great at 127 MPH, top speed stock.

I'm a delivery driver for Domino's Pizza and use this car to make money. So it's imperative that it is great on gas mileage, average 26 miles per gallon.

I love the stiffer seats because of a herniated disk in my back.

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Review Date: 6th January, 2004

1988 Honda Accord LX 2.0 carb I4 from North America


A bargain and a great machine


There appears to be an oil leak from a valve gasket under the hood.

The floor has a foot wide hole.

The engine was stalling on me out of nowhere right after purchasing the vehicle, it needed an alternator.

General Comments:

Overall, I am satisfied by the reliability of this vehicle for the mileage.

It has a zippy throttle response and handles perfectly around tight corners.

The interior is well laid out.

The brakes are very weak, espetially from 140 km/h (90 mph), the brakes wobble and grunt until the speed has significantly decreased.

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Review Date: 29th October, 2003

1988 Honda Accord LXi 2.0 gas from North America


A very reliable automobile.

General Comments:

I bought this car new in March, 1988. I chose the LXi model because I wanted fuel injection. I've owned Honda's with carburetor's, and they never ran smoothly until they warmed up.

The car has performed flawlessly since new, and is a pleasure to drive with the manual transmission.

Because the car is so reliable, I will buy another Accord to replace this one if and when that day comes. I wouldn't consider any other make of automobile.

The car handles just as well on dry pavement as it does on wet or snow covered roads.

The car gets very good gas mileage in the city and the highway.

If you can find a low mileage Accord, I recommend a 1988 or 1989 Accord LXi.

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Review Date: 22nd October, 2003

21st Feb 2009, 21:57

I own a 1988 Honda Accord LXI hatchback. This car is one heck of a car.

When I got the car, I was not aware of all the problems, but I drove it hard and the car performed very well. But I found out that the wiring is screwed, the linkage for the 5th gear was zip tied to the car, and yet the car would beat most newer model cars, and I find that a lot of people say the car is not worth it.

I say this; if you can find one that runs good, get it, it is worth it. I mean wow, I love this car, it is old with high miles, but runs like a champ.