1988 Honda Accord LX 119 cid from North America


Absolutely the most reliable car on the planet


Front engine seal went out at 220,000 miles. Repaired for about $12.00.

General Comments:

For the amount of miles that are on this car it is positively the most reliable car on the planet. I haven't changed the oil in 10,000 miles, and it didn't burn any at all. This car is amazing. Before I got it it was treated even worse than I treat it. Still, it performs like it was brand new. Excellent gas mileage is a plus 30 mpg. The car rides nicely and relatively quietly. The steering is exceptional. Everyone should buy this car.

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Review Date: 16th November, 2005

1988 Honda Accord LX 2.0 fuel injected from North America


Well worth the money


Purchased this car with a blown engine.

Car was sitting in my yard for 2 months and a rabbit had a field day with the wiring Torn wires all over the engine.

General Comments:

I bought this car to fix it and keep it original, but since it needs an engine and a wiring harness that ain't going to happen. I recently bought a 89 accord Lx-I that has been hit hard in the passenger side that runs and drives beautifully. I'm in the process of switching everything over right now.

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Review Date: 9th November, 2005

1988 Honda Accord from North America


An awesome car


Rust grew around the fenders and around the trunk.

Radiator needed to be replaced at 240 000.

Muffler was changed several times.

5th gear was replaced once at about 350 000.

General Comments:

This car lasts forever, and is still running like a charm.

Has gone over 225 kph, and the speedometer reads 220 kph.

Good acceleration.

Lots of power.

Dragged a Toyota Supra Turbo, and beat it as well as a BMW 330ci, and smoked it on the highway.

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Review Date: 24th October, 2005

25th Oct 2005, 16:58

There's no way an 88 Accord will go 140 mph. Besides, when the speedo is reading that high, it's probably off by 10-50 mph or more. A fuel injected 88 Accord would have a speed governor set to approx 188 km/h, while the carbed Accord just would not have enough power to go any faster than 188 km/h.

25th Jan 2006, 15:23

If you beat a supra, he probably didn't know you were racing.

24th Aug 2006, 18:10

Yes, a 1988 Accord can go more than 220kph! I owe a fully stock one with a B20A2 engine, 16 valves and fuel injection. Mine has 210000 kms on it, it's a European version of IIIrd generation Accord. It has 133 horsepower and recently it went 230kph on a German highway, where there are no speed limits, so it was all legal. I doubt it can actually outperform a toyota supra, but still the car is really, really fast.

1988 Honda Accord LX V4 from North America


Nice when it is working


Radiator and all hoses. (One hose itself cost $200 if I remember correctly because it was an odd shape.)

Water Pump.

Replaced timing belt (twice, though didn't ever break thankfully.)

Power steering pump.

Heater Core (Cost about $900 to replace due to labor. Essential to fix though. It's not good to breathe antifreeze.)

After changing air conditioning from freon to new coolant it started to leak and now has to be recharged, though I don't bother anymore.

All gaskets in engine (major oil leak. They reappeared, though, probably due to the transmission problem.)

Motor mounts have been replaced twice.

Needs transmission work.

Needs CV joint/front axle.

Brakes (2x)

Battery -- might need another one.



Brake line leak.

I believe there is a carburetor problem or an air intake problem that causes the carburetor to ice up when it is cold and wet outside. This makes the car stall, but after sitting for 20 minutes it will start again.

Whomever owned this car before didn't install the spark plugs correctly and one flew out of the engine while in rush hour traffic. Talk about an engine "missing." This actually happened twice. The second time I was smarter and had all of the spark plugs replaced. (Note: if this ever happens to you, and you want to screw the plug in yourself by hand in order to drive to a garage, wait awhile for it to cool off before trying to handle it.)

The passenger front seat belt has issues. Many passengers have had to crawl out without unlocking it. It was recalled, but I have never done anything about it and apparently the previous owner (s) didn't either.

There is now a bit of rust around the back fenders and near the gas tank cover. Not excessive for the age of the car.

There is a leak somewhere that allows rain water in around the front doors, possibly around the front door seals. I haven't been diligent at tracing it, as it isn't really bad.

General Comments:

I like the car and am sad to see it go, but I think the newest batch of problems will cost far more to fix than the worth of the car.

I drove it across the country right after purchasing it without any problems, putting on about 4K miles. Soon thereafter the problems started. I kept thinking that I had replaced all the major items that would break in the near future, but they just kept coming. Repairs have been over $1000 per year of ownership not counting oil changes. I think that it is a good car, but that perhaps the previous owner (s) didn't take great care of it mechanically.

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Review Date: 8th August, 2005

9th Aug 2005, 19:02

The last person who worked on it probably just forgot to torque the plug to the correct specifications.