1988 Honda Accord Grand Prix Edition 2.0 litre SI from Australia and New Zealand


Good looking with performance to match


Had to replace the clutch 5 times.

Water pump pipes needed replacing every 40,000.

General Comments:

Very stylish car, nice looks, pop up head lights. Very good mid range performance provided you have the manual transmission.

However extremely weak clutch, won't last more than 4 months if pushed hard.

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Review Date: 27th November, 2001

1988 Honda Accord EX-i 2.0 fuel injected from North America


I'm sure at one time it was a really nice car


Total suspension replaced to the tune of $1500.00.


Water pump.

Total A/C system replaced - $1200.00.

Roof rusted around the sunroof so bad I had to seal it shut with silicone because it started to leak! Became just a skylight after that!

Rocker panels rotted out bad... along with almost everything else!

Factory radio would cut in and out.

Power antenna would not retract. I always had to hold the switch and pull it out or push it in at the same time.

Intermittent no start problem that no one could figure out. Whenever it didn't feel like starting, it wouldn't. Leave it alone for a half-hour and it would start fine.

Wore tires quickly before all new suspension was installed.

Blew blue smoke at start-up if you let it sit for a couple days (maybe a normal old Honda thing? - worn valve seals).

Clutch slipped when I sold it.

General Comments:

Fantastic compromise between ride and handling.

Drove between Toronto and Detroit a few times with it, great on the highway. Set the cruise at 140+km/h - still get 8.0L/100km in fuel economy!

Nice shifting 5-speed transmission.

Decent power with the EX-I, 2.0L fuel injected engine.

Good seats.

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Review Date: 25th October, 2001

30th Nov 2001, 22:14

My '88 has the intermittent no start problem, too. My car's fast idle runs far too long, so when I shut it off after not letting it warm up properly, sometimes it is still running too fast. When I go back to start it up, sometimes it does not want to. This happened twice in the past year. The solution: let your car warm up.

My car has 248,200 miles on it, and has only a little rust (you guessed it... on the back fenders) and has had no suspension problems. It's original clutch was replaced around 200K.

25th Jun 2002, 22:06

I found the problemo on my car... I had something go wrong in the choke. I don't feel like looking up what the problem was, but it wasn't major. It starts fine now.

1988 Honda Accord LX 2.0 Liter from North America


Great car


1. Carburetor needed adjustment when driving off the dealer lot.

2. Funny noise from the front passenger tire.

3. Both fuel filters need replacing.

4. Fuel pump went out. Had to replace at a cost of $150.00.

5. Power steering belt snapped when driving and dented the hood from the underside.

6. Front power window motors died. Windows never went up all the way from then on.

7. No key for the trunk or passenger door. The one key I had only opened the driver's door and worked the ignition -- hmmm...

8. Honda symbol in the center of the steering wheel busted.

9. Two of the four spark plug threads were stripped.

10. Transmission would clunk.

11. Emergency brake did not work.

12. Finally CV-joints snapped when leaving a parking lot, leaving the car completely disabled. Sold two days later as parts for $100.00 after paying $3000.00 for it.

General Comments:

Even with all of it's problems I loved the car. I never should have bought it, but did anyway not knowing that it was a rebuild. Probably would have been a great car had it not been thrashed by the previous owner and had it not been previously wrecked.

The gas mileage was good (approx 28-35).

Great speed and handling.

Roomy and comfortable interior.

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Review Date: 26th September, 2001

1988 Honda Accord LX-i 2.0 from North America


Accords never break


Shocks were replaced two times.

Ball joints were replaced.

Control arms were replaced.

Brakes were replaced two times.

A few other suspension problems.

General Comments:

Most of the problems I had with this car were strictly related to the suspension.

This is contributed by the broken Michigan roads. If the roads were good, I was never going to have any problem with this car.

Acceleration is adequate.

This car will never die.

Even at 288k miles, it burns a millimeter of oil on the dipstick every 3000 miles. Amazing isn't it?

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Review Date: 6th August, 2001