2nd Jan 2004, 13:52

I have 47.000 miles on a 2001 Accord. Only promblem Alt. went out. Otherwise great car.

2nd Mar 2005, 08:36

I have already replaced a wheel bearing on my 2002 Accord and I am about to replace a second one.

The rear right was replaced at 70,000kms. The front left now needs replacing at 105,000kms.

I previously owned 2 Accords with a total of 900,000kms between them and had not replaced a single wheel bearing.

Let's hope that this is not a sign of declining Accord reliability.

Phil - Markham, Canada.

15th Mar 2005, 13:12

I have a 2000 Accord EX. I have had to replace wheel bearings at all four corners starting at about 80,000 km through 90.000 km. I now have 105,000 km and I have just replaced the left rear bearing again. The parts alone for the rear bearings are $250, as jobbers are not selling such parts yet, and the dealer will only sell a complete hub assembly.

I have had the wheel alignment and balance checked, as well as had and inspection for a any other damage that may be causing this problem In my opinion, failure of wheel bearings represents a design flaw with these cars.

My Volvo 850 Turbo had a lower cost per mile (yikes).

Doug in Calgary, Ab, Canada.

3rd Dec 2006, 16:58

I have 2 Honda Accords 2000 and 2001. Besides replacing tires and breaks on both at 35000 miles I have replaced alternator on 2000 at 100000 miles and both front Bearings at 103000.

27th Aug 2007, 22:06

Had a 1992 honda accord ex never had a major component problem with that car until trade in @ 245,000 miles. My newer 2002 accord ex coupe I've had to replace a rear bearing @ 60,000 miles and now another @ 88,000 miles. If not reliable @ the factory how about in replacement parts.

6th Sep 2007, 07:25

I currently own a 2002 Honda Accord SEV6. It's my 5th Honda, and by far the most maintenance intensive. 4 previous (Civics) cars simply had to put tires and brakes on plus the standard preventative maintenance. This one is a little different. So far (114000 kms) I have had to put 5 ball joints in it. 3 of which were installed (under warranty) at 42000km, 1 at 62000km, and the most recent at 112000km.

Have put 1 upper control arm on (at 112000km), 2 complete sets of front stabilizer bushings and links (1 at 62000km, and the other at 112000km). Rear stabilizer bushings and links installed at 112000km.

Now I have a check engine light, SRS light, and both rear wheel bearings are roaring. Oh yeah, heater fan doesn't work on 1 or 2.

Other that that I love the car. Can't see myself buying another though. Kind of have a sour taste in my mouth now.

14th Apr 2009, 21:06

My wife bought a 2000 Accord in Nov 08, at 105k, I've had to replace the rear left wheel bearing twice in a period of 5 months. I've replace the tires with used one a multitude of time, until I bought a set of new tire and I went to get an alignment, and I was told that the rear left control arm is bent. I'm assuming that was the root of the problem. I'm gonna fix it and hope that it doesn't happen again.

Honda makes good engine and transmission, but might give you poor quality body and suspension. Just to make it viable for the dealers who'll make profit on after market parts. I guess the customers get the short end no matter what car company you go to.

16th Apr 2009, 14:10

"I guess the customers get the short end no matter what car company you go to."

I don't agree. Our Honda was the most expensive, troublesome car we ever had the misfortune to be cursed with. CONSTANT problems, usually major. It never made 100,000 miles. On the other hand, not one of our Ford, Chrysler or GM vehicles has ever required a single repair before 100,000 miles (which is why GM is not afraid to warranty their cars for 100,000 miles).

We currently own an 8-year-old GM, 6-year-old GM, 3-year-old Ford and 2-year-old Ford. TOTAL repair bill for ALL FOUR comes to a whopping $27 since we acquired the 2001. That's for 1 light bulb and front brake pads on the 2001.

21st Jul 2009, 10:47

Have 141,000 miles on 2000 Accord EX. I am in need of my 5th set of rear bearings. They go about every 10-15k since bout 70,000 miles and no one knows why. I've used all different mechanics including the dealer and no one has an answer. Very frustrating!

3rd Aug 2009, 12:17

I have a 2002 Accord V6 4 door and have been having a problem with sound coming from the rear of the car. My mechanic told me it sounds like the bearings, however couldn't tell me which side. They said they'd have to open it up to make the determination and change them once it's been opened up. Now I fully expect them to hit me for both by saying they both need to be replaced. Is there anything I should make sure to ask or request warrantied after they complete the work?

It appears also that my tires have worn lower on the inside of the rear driver side. Is this due to the bearing situation, and wouldn't that signify the side which the problem is?? Please help. I'm looking to bring it into the shop within the week. Thanks.

3rd Aug 2009, 18:04

To the above comment: Your rear alignment could be off. Which could be causing more wear on that wheel bearing. Try replacing the right rear wheel bearing and having an alignment done. I could be totally wrong, but it's worth a shot.

21st Oct 2009, 15:21

I currently own a 2000 Honda Accord EX V6 Auto... with 207,000 miles and this is the first year I've had any issues what so ever! EVER! The A/C compressor went, the front right ball joint and now the rear bearings. Total repair cost over $1100.00 (I managed to get a new tranny for nothing, but that was a recall and doesn't really count in my eyes!)

Honestly this is absolutely the best car I have ever owned, and I do 50K miles per year driving. Comfortable, fast and reliable. I owe it all to my Mechanic! If it's luck, then I sure am! My last Honda had over 200K as well. Not sure why everyone is having such issues. But I wish you all luck! Already planning out my next car... a 2007 Honda Accord EX V6 in Black! This will be my 4th Accord!

28th Feb 2010, 18:34

I bought my 2000 Honda Accord new in 2001. I only have 84,500 miles on her. (in summer I scoot, Vespa) The Accord has been a very good car, until recently. I found out that they have bad clutches, hence I just had my transmission rebuilt. It was humming when I took it to the shop, and he suggested that I check the wheel bearings. Now I know why I've been going through so many tires. So, would I buy another? Don't know!