6th Jul 2003, 14:51

Yes, all the perfomance is in the VTEC Zone - if you can only get 95 out of it, then you've got the handbrake on.

18th Nov 2003, 10:46

Had a prelude, then bought an accord, 120k miles on the prelude and my pre M.O.T. was a service and change a rear bulb, it was even on its original brake pads. I have to say that the accord had a lot to live up to and it has! Go Honda and sell that French car in disguise.

30th Apr 2006, 14:53

I love my Honda, no-matter what may be said, the car is balanced, it can stand up to any car on the road and it really is a good family car. I had one problem though with mine, the Oxygen sensor or what they call the Lambda sensor. It's a small part of the car, but its awfully expensive and can cause you to fail an MOT because of carbon dioxide emissions.

11th Jul 2007, 21:11

I had a Honda Accord 1.8 vtec for three months. (wrote it off!) Engine was an excellent performer - was best bit of the car and it handled well. Fuel economy was not good - averaging about 27mpg. I have had large engined BMWs before and since and they are much more economical. The fit and finish is above the Mondeo/Vectra standard, but relative to a BM or Audi, is not quite there and it is noisier. It felt a bit 'tinny' and there was the odd trim rattle. Also, the stereo was total and utter crap. Finally, at 6'2", I found that the drivers seat did not go back far enough and the brakes were spongy.

13th Jul 2008, 20:12

Mine is the 1.8 and has hit 130 numerous times and will sit at 100 all day if it had to. It's quite simple: you wanna go faster... just floor it right to the top of the rev band in each gear!

The interior is great, well designed and ergonomic. It may look old on the exterior, but then it's been updated three times since!

23rd Jan 2009, 17:49

I have just bought a 2000 model (8 years old) 73K mile Honda Accord 1.8SE in Black, 5 door with full service history in very good condition from a small independent car dealer for just £1700.

I must admit first impressions are very good. The ride is firmer than I am used to, but the handling is very good, almost as good as the 1994 BMW 320 coupe I used to own.

A lot of the cars I have owned in the past have been German and they tend to have more torque, but having let this car rev a bit (over 4000 revs) it is a real scream. The revs rise, but the noise levels stay remarkably low... so smooth!

The dash and graphics etc. are a model of clarity and the car has more than its fair share of toys.

The seats are very good and super-supportive and the visibility all-round is excellent.

The boot is huge, but maybe not as big as the one in the 'sofa-on-wheels' Toyota Avensis Mk1 I used to own.

The car is squeak free, with the possible exception of the rear parcel shelf which vibrates a bit. I have had a Mazda 626 in the past and the rear shelf noise was fixed by putting felt pads between the shelf and its support, so I might try this.

I bought the Honda because of its reputation for reliability. I own an old imported CRV which has been very reliable. I have owned two, nearly new, VW Passats in the past, and although their remit was the same as the Honda's, I found them to have annoying gremlins. One had dodgy door seals and tick over problems, the other had a whole list of glitches such as Cat. failure, hazard warning lights sticking on, armrest collapse, glove box lock failed and the rear wash wiper had a mind of its own! I am assuming this car will do a lot better.

Finally, I like the look of this car, although mine could do with a nice set of alloys. It is low and has a sporty squat appearance to it. Overall I would say that it will suit me for a fair few years to come. I will update in the next year.

6th Aug 2009, 19:50

This is my 10th Honda I've owned. I've still got 3 Accords in my drive away. I'm totally against the thought that Accords suck, they are the most reliable car engine wise on the road, with its i-vtec or normal vtec.

I've done 140 mph something on the German motorway. I can't understand why you say BMWs and Mercs are better, they suck. I've got 2 BMWs; they are just the name mate, nothing else.

The 2000 Accord is very solid on the road as long you maintained your car as it should. It's not european - i-vtec engine voted best technology through 2008/09.. sorry to say it, you might got done on a Cat C or D car.