9th Nov 2007, 17:49

I think the comment that the transmissions don't fail on these is nonsense. I am having idling issues with my 89 Civic with 90,000 Miles. And yes, I do change the plugs every 12-15,000 miles. Otherwise it's been solid for the time I have had it. 40,000 Miles. But to make it sound like this person was rough with this car is ridiculous. I have to turn my engine off to get the CD Player to play CD's that it won't play while the car is running. Then it will play the Disc. These are not the most unbelievable cars on the road that everybody thinks they are. And more recently they have had many transmission problems. Check the reviews for Acura's made between 98 and 03. I also think the transmissions are picky, and you should change the transmission fluid every 20,000 miles. They don't like to upshift all the time.

10th Nov 2007, 08:50

Your lucky that an almost 19 year old car is on the road. And complain about its factory radio? And then say it has some tranny problems? What is going on here?

6th Jan 2008, 05:27

I just bought a 92 Honda LX with 138K miles- it runs pretty good only after 100 miles of purchase the transmission just went out. Anybody have any idea how much one cost to get replaced?

13th Jan 2008, 22:54

Well, I have the exact same car and I just replaced mine for about $1400. By the way this was after a little over 210,000 miles. These cars are really reliable. For example, in my case, I bought this car two years ago from an older woman who seemed to know absolutely nothing about taking care of a vehicle. When I went to change the transmission fluid after I bought it, the mechanic asked if it'd ever been changed. The car was at about 190,000 then and it ran, although with a hiccup in the tranny (auto) between 2nd and 3rd, for about a year before it finally gave out. I got it replaced and have had no problems since, just regular maintenance. Not to say its the best car you could buy, but for the 3g's I did spend on it, I'd say it was very worth it.

16th Aug 2008, 01:07

A car is not an appliance.