1992 Honda Accord LX Sedan 2.2 4 cylinder from North America


Reliable but overrated, not very durable


Front right suspension clunked.

Excessive hail damage to the body.

Rust building up at the rear wheels.

Aftermarket exhaust and muffler, original presumably had rusted away.

Aftermarket radio held in just by the wires, would not hold presets.

One of the rear bulbs was out, replaced.

Excessive shaking at idle.

Various interior wear and tears.

Rear passenger seat belt stuck.

Power mirror switch.

General Comments:

Owned as a winter beater; I wanted to see if the car was would be worth patching up after winter, but I lost interest. A proper test drive would've served me well.

Interior build quality was pretty good, but it was no Mercedes; thin cheap materials abound with a vinyl headliner that molded like Play-Doh, surprisingly few rattles.

Not exactly comfy with little leg room in the back and quite stiff seats; it'd be nice to have some lumbar support (you can get this in the EX).

Sheet metal on the body is as cheap as you'd expect; coupled with a low ride height, you'll have to think twice before going over speed bumps. It's not worth fixing a generic sedan with such a delicate body, thus, you find many running Accords in ratty shape.

Ride quality was fine with sharp steering and little body roll, only cut short by the cheap undersized wheels and gutless engine (supposedly EXs are quicker).

Turning radius is a joke for such a small car, and make sure not to scuff the small bumper covers as you're making another S-turn.

Initially I was tempted to install a factory radio, but removing/installing the radio properly requires one to remove the entire lower center console. In contrast, my Volvo only needed one screw and a small panel removed to remove the radio.

Gas mileage was 31 highway at best; should be better for such a small car.

Many of the wires under the engine had their wrapping wearing off, exposing their bare insides. I guess this is what you get in an Accord that was made in Ohio.

Was this car neglected before I bought it? Maybe, but it looked much better than any other Accord from its time with a fresh paint job, quiet aftermarket exhaust, and a clean interior. I dare say it was one of the finer examples.

Was this car reliable? Yes, but for $2000 there are many other reliable choices; other choices with tougher bodies, beefier engines, and cheaper parts.

For example, a 1992 Bonneville will get 31 MPG, stand up to rust better, last just as long if you maintain it, and you'll have much more power/torque at your disposal, even without buying some fancy package.

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Review Date: 12th December, 2014

1992 Honda Accord EXR Wagon from North America


Fantastic car for a 20 year old!!


Bought the car with 311000 km, so I was expecting some things would need replacing.

One cracked C/V boot.

Oil pan and seal leak.

Rear power door lock not working.

Transmission oil leak.

Break master cylinder wearing out.

Timing belt replaced for preventative maintenance.

Rusty distributor, which caused hard or no starts when the engine was warm.

After an aftermarket command start was installed, the ignition failed (I still blame Best Buy for that one).

A/C seized.

General Comments:

This car was purchased as my wife's first car. It has exceeded our expectations as it was supposed to be only a beater car. It has since turned into a car that we want to keep for a long time.

I fixed / replaced all above mentioned problems in the first few months of owning it, and it has been fantastic since!

Seats are very comfortable.

The cup holders are small, and are placed in an area that will interfere with radio controls if drinks are in place.

Great acceleration and fantastic handling, with great steering feedback.

Very quiet, especially on the highway.

All electrical components (power windows, door locks, sunroof, cruise control, mirrors) still work well!

Still has original Honda CD/tape stereo with 4 speakers and 1 6x9 speaker, and all work well!

The transmission is typical Honda - hard shifts, but otherwise works well.

Trunk has many extra storage compartments not found in non-wagons.

Brakes are great, and the ABS works when needed.

Gas mileage is OK (10L/100km), but only if you drive it carefully. It gets horrible mileage (15L/100km) if you are a spirited driver.

The split folding seats and extra "wagon" room are fantastic, and we've put many things back there.

Seats, dash, and other plastics are perfect, with no cracks or tears, and the soft touch plastic is class leading! Fit and finish is also top notch.

When the A/C is on, it has trouble keeping it cool in the cabin and not overheating.

Overall, a fantastic old car!!

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Review Date: 26th July, 2011

27th Jul 2011, 07:50

I have a 92 Accord and couldn't agree more! I bought mine two years ago with only 138 000 kms on it. I have done extensive preventative maintenance, because I know it will easily last another 5 years. I plan on tackling the rust that has begun to appear around all 4 wheel wells.

Great drive, great reliability and decent looks.

Please update your review a couple of times a year, and keep us informed on how your Accord is doing.

27th Jul 2011, 13:35

I wrote the original review, and want to thank you for adding your comment! I will most definitely update as the kilometers roll on, and please do the same for your Accord.

I also own a 1995 Accord, which is also reviewed here under "Reliable car, but get the manual trans. for more power" or something close to that. I have been updating that as well.

As for your rust, definitely do it! We were lucky with ours due to us getting rear ended. It was minor, and a friend who does autobody work used the insurance money to repair the damage as well as the rust. So the car now looks brand new!

Cheers, and have fun with your Accord!

5th Nov 2015, 15:36

Hi there!

Wondering if you still have your Accord? Mine is still running strong with only basic regular maintenance (oil changes, brakes, muffler, seals etc).

Since 2011, I have been storing it for the winter months (Nov-March), but have taken it on several long distance trips each summer.

My 92 Accord will need a timing belt and new tires this coming spring. Considering how reliable it has been and that it has zero rust, I will spend the money and keep it running for another 5 years. It's now starting to look oddly "retro". Great car!

2nd Jan 2016, 00:42

Hi! I am the original author of this review and unfortunately I do not have it anymore. My wife has always wanted a CR-V, so we decided to part with it. It was fantastic to the day of the sale and I do miss it!

Glad you are still enjoying yours!