1992 Honda Accord LX 2.2 from North America


Dependable family car


Driver side window regulator.

General Comments:

This is a reliable car. It is very well built.

The fuel economy is okay; it is about 25 mpg.

The cars passing power overall isn't that great with the automatic transmission.

It is surprisingly roomy for its compact size. The back seat is a little cramped with adults.

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Review Date: 10th July, 2008

1992 Honda Accord LX 2.2 from North America


You should read this


It has a problem on the window regulator, which I am not able to open. I fixed it once, but it bent again.

Six months after I bought this car, the clutch had to be replaced.

Four months later after the clutch, the radiator started to leak. It was that upper plastic piece, which had a hairline crack. Got a new radiator for 59 bucks from ebay.

A week later I decided to replace the thermostat.

General Comments:

This is my very first car. I was handed out a thousands bucks from my mom to get a car. Firstly, I test drove a Nissan 200SX (don't remember the year), but I was greatly disappointed since it was heavy and underpowered.

I pretty much found this car at a steal price, because this car in Seattle is priced higher than any other car in this range, due to its known longevity.

I have beaten this car soo many times and it never left me stranded in the highway. I've done muddin', street racin', donuts and all other stuff a 17-year old with a car would do.

Road noise is a little on the dark side, mainly because of my cheap tires, Merit, never buy these.

Handling is somewhat weird. When me and my buddy replaced the clutch, we forgot to grease the CV. The car now is really heavy to steer. The suspension has never been replaced, so it's very soft and remember this car's got 250k.

I found this car very comfortable to ride in. My mom drives a 95 Corolla and there's simply no comparison (piece of crap). The seats are wonderful; not too hard, yet soft enough. I have this good feeling when driving, since the belt line is very low, allowing a great view of the road. The seats are placed higher than any other car I sat in.

The CV joints are clicking now, but I don't want to replace them. One, I have no money. Two, I am done spending with this car.

I do not plan on selling this car, since I am the third owner and it has never been abused (up until now of course). I want to keep it as a project; when I have more money I'll get some cheap lowering springs and a short ram air intake.

All in all, a highly reliable car. I can pretty much assure you that there is no stronger car, engine wise. You can run it very inexpensively, and it is also a very friendly DIY car.

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Review Date: 12th December, 2007

17th Dec 2007, 20:23

I'm trying to work out how you do donuts in a FWD car.

31st Dec 2007, 02:31

Original poster.

You just put it in reverse, lock the wheel and accelerate a lot.

9th Oct 2009, 23:47

A good review on an excellent car, and as a teenager myself I find reviews from my own age group to be very useful. My only complaint is your comment about the Toyota Corolla your mother drives - perhaps the Accord is much better, but the Corolla is also a very good car. The Accord, Civic, and Corolla have all been in continuous production since the 1970's, and there is a reason why. They are each some of the best, most reliable cars ever made.

1992 Honda Accord EXR 2.2 from North America


Amazing longevity


Windows on one side don't go down.

The A/C is not working anymore.

General Comments:

Awesome car! I haven't had to put a penny of work into it since I owned it. Just some new brakes and tires which is normal. The engine is rock solid like a tank!

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Review Date: 12th July, 2007