7th Feb 2011, 10:58

Typical teenage car owner: "CV joints are clicking, but have no money to fix..."

But as soon as I have money, I am going to put on lowering springs, and an intake..."

WTF? I suppose 20" rims are next, which will be put on even though you need CV axles.. and probably a timing belt, but you will just run all of that until it blows up, then try to part out the car after it is all f-d up!

Ever heard of priorities??

7th Feb 2011, 18:48

Let me first start off by saying that I'm not the original reviewer, but I am also 17 years old.

I own 3 cars. A '96 Toyota Corolla, a '99 Chrysler Cirrus LXi, and a '95 Subaru Legacy L Wagon. All of my cars are completely bone stock.

When my Corolla needed a timing belt and full 200,000 mile tune-up a few months ago, I purchased all of the parts and installed them myself. It's running like new again. I recently had my heater core fail, and have since installed a new one, also on my own.

I paid $300 for my Subaru wagon. When I bought it, it needed brakes, tires, a timing belt and a water pump. I performed all of these repairs myself and only spent about $300 in parts. I'm now looking at selling it for a profit, and easily doubling what I've put into it.

My Chrysler is my baby. Despite that, it's still completely stock. I currently have it stored for the winter. I've never abused it (then again, I haven't really abused ANY of my cars), and it is extremely well taken care of. It's literally in showroom condition (I acquired it from my grandfather when he passed away, and he kept it perfect, and so have I).

Probably think I've got rich parents though right? Wrong. I work over 40 hours a week through the co-op program at my tech high school. Guess I'm not your typical teenage car owner!