24th Jul 2004, 13:35

I just need to say for one thing, Honda cars are put together in America in Kentucky. The parts are built in Japan.

For a second thing, did you go to a Honda dealership? Did you give Honda a chance to fix your car? It's just my personal preference to always go back to the company because they know what they are doing. I don't trust grease monkeys especially if they are going to take apart my engine.

Sorry to hear about your car.

-Honda Accord 95' and I have 141,000.

24th Jul 2004, 14:02

Honda made for sale in North America (USA) are manufactured in Marysville, Ohio and then exported to Japan and elsewhere.

Since the interior of your car was shot when you bought it at 65000 miles, I wonder if someone didn't roll back the odometer. Car interiors are not normally that bad after only 65K miles. You may have purchased a car with 165K miles!

I wish you better luck with your Ford...

22nd Oct 2004, 09:59

I agree. I just bought a 95 Accord with 130.000 kilometers on the clock (I don't think they're real, it probably has about 200.000), and it runs great. Learned it was badly wrecked, before I (and before previous owner) got it, than it was rebuilt, and now it's fine. Only thing that doesn't work, is the air condition, but it will be repaired soon. Great car!

29th Nov 2004, 12:30

Hey, there should be no argument that Honda's are better built than any domestic brand. Look at consumer reports magazine. It's a non-biased owners report collection. Year after year thousands of owners report good news. Sure, for every 1000 vehicles made, there has to be a few lemons. Some companies have more than others.

I have a 1997 Accord in northern Ontario (salted roads from November to April) with 275 000kms on her and she still purrs like a kitten.

Sorry to hear about your lemon, though it'd be a safe bet to try a Honda again.

Open for discussion - biteme20@hotmail.com.

11th Dec 2004, 19:54

It is true that Hondas are made in America, that does not make up for the fact that the people making decisions in Japan are not designing problematic cars. You can roll back an odometer, but taking it to any autoshop that can connect thier computer to the car can see the mileage because the ECU and TCM store the mileage digitally. Consumer reports aren't biased, but where they get their information from is (rental companies and fleet usage). Hondas are good cars and so is any other car with proper care, I have also heard of problems stated here you can check may car forums about these problems. Foreign cars got a good reputation in the 70's when federal restrictions made good, long lasting American cars turn to sh*t.

16th Dec 2004, 23:14

The assumption that the quality of a car has anything to do with the country it's made in is purely ignorant. Anyone stating otherwise doesn't have an opinion worth listening to.

You bought a used car. The previous owner obviously did not take care of it. If you had bought it brand new, your opinion would be greatly different. I have a 95 Honda Accord EX sedan which I bought brand new, it now has 385,000 miles on it. Still running on the same motor and transmission, most major problem was the starter dying. I took care of my car, go figure.

19th Mar 2005, 14:27

I agree with some of the posts above. I believe it being a used car when you bought it, it must have been treated bad or something before you got it. I bought my 1995 LX used in 1996 with about 12000 miles on it. I've maintained it decently, not perfectly, but the car still has held up very well. I've hit a deer in 1999 causing considerable damage to the front, had it repaired, it now has 121,000 miles. The only problem I've had is the starter quit in 2001.

I had always been a life long diehard Chevy man, until a couple of sorry Chevys in a row. A 1987 Cavalier and a 1990 Lumina, both which I bought new, which were the worst two cars I ever owned. I was anti-Honda/anti-Japanese until I got two sorry Chevys in a row.

Don't get me wrong, I have had a lot of good GM vehicles, I wouldn't hesitate to buy a full sized GM truck right now, but that's it, no more cars. I have a 1995 GMC that's been a great vehicle. But I wouldn't have a second thought about getting another Honda.

21st Aug 2005, 23:32

Sorry to hear about your lemon, but I've owned a 94 Honda Accord, a 95 BMW M3, a 93 Mazda MX-6, a 91 VW GTI, a 92 Honda Accord, and my current 99 Lexus RX300, within the last 3 years. And the two Honda's were the most reliable out of the bunch, the Mazda and the VW being the worst.

The 91 Accord that I had had 196000 miles and passed the emissions test within 30 seconds with HALF the allowed amount of pollutants. The tester was amazed. This car had only wear and tear for its miles, but everything else was working perfectly fine. Now how many domestic cars can boast that they're mechanically flawless at 200k miles?

31st Dec 2005, 11:55

I can see how rolling back the odometer was the culprit. I had a 1985 Prelude and when ever we would drive down a street in reverse for a while, the odometer would roll back. I can see how it is easy to roll back the miles on a Honda vehicle. This Prelude of mine looked very worn and probably really had 500,000 miles. The previous owner, probably rolled it back under 200,000 miles, to make it sell a lot faster and to get more money. You got one bad deal from "Shady Motors". Don't blame Honda for problems with a 10 year old car.

2nd Aug 2007, 22:33

I have owned a 1995 Civic sedan, a 1996 Acura (made by Honda) 2.5 TL, and currently own a 1997 Civic coupe which I am selling to get a four door, baby on the way. No major problems, routine maintenance. I spend a lot of time looking for a clean Honda that has maintenance records. Any car that is neglected will give you problems. My first compact car was a Honda, also my first motorcycle. Car fax is a big help also. But beware, I looked on the Internet at what appeared to be a clean Civic at a Honda Dealer in North Jersey. I took a day off from work, went to the bank, got a certified check, and went to the dealer. The car had a cracked front bumper, big dent in rear quarter panel, back bumper was very loose and a shade or two off in color than the rest of the car. I was pissed off. They said the Car fax reported no accidents, I guess the car beat itself up. I put a deposit on the car via credit card and am still trying to get deposit back and still looking for a clean Honda. If I don't get the deposit back soon I will be on the phone with Honda giving them an earful about that dealership.