26th Dec 2007, 18:24

Well I have a 95 accord, and it looks nothing like a 95. I have always trusted Japanese cars especially Honda, and Toyota. My car has 178,000 miles, and I out run 1998 Honda accord's, but all I am saying is that Honda's are good cars.

13th Jan 2008, 01:18

I think this guy made this review up to just to bash, and I'll show you all why.

"Repair guy told me the **cylinders themselves are warped**, and **requested I change them** which wasn't under warranty, or my cylinder ring warranty is void, so got them performed, but not charged for opening the engine. Cost: $350"

You can't replace cylinders in these cars. You can bore them out a couple hundrenths maybe. Or put in a new block (block has the cylinders in it). So I'm going to call BS on this review because to someone who knows cars as well as I do it feels made up. Either that or the guy who wrote really doesn't know much at all and didn't get his facts straight before he went through all the trouble of complaining about his car.

7th Mar 2010, 14:45

You bought a used car with 65,000 miles on it... god only knows what the previous owner did to it? Did you pull a Carfax report on this car? Did you purchase it from a somewhat reputable used car dealer? Did you have a trusted mechanic examine the car before you purchased it?

Honestly, I have never owned a 'lemon' Honda. While I am sure that they exist, you must understand that there are some unsavory used car dealers out there in the world that purchase their inventory at auctions, from insurance companies after a car is declared 'totaled', some will roll back odometers, and on and on.

You burned all the oil out?! Didn't the oil light come on at some point when you started the car? My old Honda leaks oil, but I make sure that I check that all the gauges/lights are working when I start it.

You sound like you could benefit from reading ANY kind of book on buying a used car.

5th Jun 2010, 00:42

You people put way too much faith in that Carfax! I have a 2007 VW Rabbit right now, wrecked in the front end and without GAP insurance, not covered. Airbags not deployed, but there is SIGNIFICANT damage.

Once I get parts, I can have the Rabbit fixed locally right now by a couple tweekers and traded in!!! And it won't BE reported on a CarFax!!

True story. Not gonna have the tweekers do it, but how will the next guy know??? Do not put all your faith in ANY corporation, dealership, repair shop or ANYONE but yourself. Be willing to get on the ground underneath the thing and check it out before buying, get your hands dirty. If you don't know anything about cars, bring along someone who DOES that's a friend you can trust. If any lot has a problem with you inspecting their cars in this manner before buying, RUN away from there. If people did this and weren't lazy they wouldn't have so much to b*tch about, end of story.

And I too must ask, how in the heck does one REPLACE the cylinders in an engine?