23rd Jul 2003, 07:23

I bought a used 92 Accord EX in 95 at 50K miles. It's is 160K miles now. Replaced AC evaporator at 80K miles (1998) and there is no problem with A/C so far. Distributor bearing failed at 90K miles, but I had Honda recall postcard from former owner, so I got a whole new distributor for free. Replaced alternator last month. I have two other problems that others owners also posted here. The car won't start on extremely hot day. What I have to do is open both front doors for temperature inside the car cool down for 5 to 10 minutes, then it starts normally. I'm going to replace main relay (RZ-0088) to see if this problem will go away. The second problem is the brake. It started a couple weeks ago. Sometimes, the brake pedal travels almost all the way to the floor. Every time it happens, I pump it a couple times and it works OK again. I checked brake fluid, and it's at normal level (no leaking brake fluid). A friend of mine, who is a mechanic, said that there is a problem with the brake master cylinder. So, I'm going to replace the master cylinder soon too.

I have it tuned up every 30K miles. There was a major tune up at 90K miles. It included replacing timing belt and water pump. Well, I think this is a good car. I'm happy with it. Nick from Florida.

18th Oct 2003, 15:06

I have owned a 1992 accord wagon ex, with 5 speed transmission for the last 11 years. I've done the brakes twice, timing belt once, exhaust twice and normal oil change etc maintenance. the car had crossed canada 3 times and has over 300,000 km. I love it. I have tried to find a reasonable evaluation of what it is worth, but never see one for sale. Testiment to how great the car is.

24th Sep 2004, 05:18

I also have a 92 Accord wagon, still the best car I own or have owned. Had the same issues as others, but pretty minor for a 12 year old car.

Alternator bearing... Seemed to miss now and then for about 3 months, before it actually went bad all together. If you remove the alternator cap and see some oil it has gone bad. CV Boots not joints, but replaced the whole unit with a rebuilt... just easier, Master Relay under the dash for the hot day stating problem. There is also an ignition problem I did not see listed. The car would not continue to run after I released the Ignition key. If I held it just a little past the rest position, but not enough to engage the starter it got me home. Remove the switch and redressed the contacts. Been fine ever since. 180K and going strong,

6th Oct 2004, 13:51

I've owned a 1992 Honda Accord Ex since June 1992. I purchased it with 11 miles on the speedometer. I have only had to replace one boot at around 90,000 miles; did not have to replace the axle (although that's what almost everyone recommended). I currently have about 92,000 miles on it now. Timing Belt was replaced around 70,000 miles. The car has been garage kept since the beginning. I am currently experiencing one other problem with the brakes. The brake pedal will go all the way to the floor if I'm stopped for a minute or so, but it only happens when it's about 80 or so degrees outside. A Honda dealership said it might be the master cylinder, but was clueless about it only happening when it's over 80 degrees. It has been a wonderful car and still looks good. I hope my next Honda will last as long.

22nd Nov 2004, 22:44

I paid for a 92 Honda Accord EX in cash back in 1997, with 100k miles on it. It's now 167k miles and still running great. I only had two major fixes on it since. The first was I had to replace the master cylinder at 130k miles. The second was I had to replace both CV joints at 150k miles. Another "minor" but annoying thing was I had the problem where in hot weather I couldn't start. If I parked in the shade or had the windows opened, I was usually able to start the car. But if it sat in direct sunlight, I had to sadly wait for the sun to set... The problem was the main relay. I bought the part for $45 bucks and installed it myself (had to get down under the steering wheel). The dealer was going to charge me over $100 to install it... Other than that, the car hasn't given me any problems whatsoever.

I look forward to getting another newer Honda accord after I finish my degree and get more money! Oh yeah, and it must have a rear spoiler :p.

14th Jun 2005, 08:14

1992 Accord LX coupe with standard transmission, 161,000 miles. Is it the master cylinder? I bought my Honda with almost 40K on it. I have had almost not major repairs in 10 years ownership. But just recently the brake is acting weird. From other people's comments, its symptoms sound exactly like a master cylinder problem: brake pedal engages at different points (sometimes at the top, sometimes in the middle, sometimes goes down towards the floor--yikes!). I'll get it over to the garage tonight. I am on the original clutch. I'd like other 92 Honda LX folks to tell me if they change their oil at every 3,000, 3,500 or at 3,750 miles. The last is what the owner's manual recommends.

13th Mar 2007, 13:36

I have a 92 Accord LX... same thing with the brakes. I had to press all the way to the floor to engage it. My gullible Dad took it to Mavis (Thieves), the replaced pads, as well as few other things that didn't need replacing, costed him a little fortune. Sometime later... same thing happened... turns out that it was the Master Cylinder. Paid $150 to replace it, works fine now. 130K mile now, hope to take it to 200K!

21st Feb 2008, 08:49

Bought a 92 with 205k for 1,500. it wasn't quite running. it is running now and the engine sounds great. I can't tell if the tranny is slipping or if that is just how they act.

21st Sep 2011, 20:57


I'm working on a 1994 Honda Accord EX Wagon, on a clutch replacement. I got the bolts off of the transmission, but it does not want dismount. It moved a cm and doesn't bulge from that.

^^^^^^PLEASE HELP^^^^^^^

Thank You