29th Apr 2008, 08:20

I have had a 1996 Honda Civic for about 1 month. it had 181,000 miles on it when I bought it. the only problems I have with it is the transmission slips when I go up mountain passes or steep hills. This is easy, but expensive to fix considering the appropriate transmission fluid for this car is $8 per quart!!! I did not know when I got the car that regular transmission fluid should not be used, so the problem that I have had is my fault.

7th Jul 2008, 23:25

I have had nothing but Hondas for 22 years and my 1996 Accord has 265,000 miles (430,000 KM)

The only "major" trouble: replaced the master cylinder. "Unacceptable" my Honda bashing friends would say... Keep buying American made cars, it's good for the economy because they're always broken down.

The old saying goes: knowledge is power. Now you understand why I have driven Hondas for years.

12th Jul 2008, 15:51

I have a 1996 Honda Accord, and I have to say it is the only and LAST Honda I would buy!

This car cannot go 1 week without needing something fixed. A poor ride, borderline dangerous rear suspension, and lack luster fuel efficiency for a vehicle this size.

I now ave 110K miles, and have only held on to it this long because it was a gift, and I did not want to offend my mother-in-law.

I always purchased American cars (of course it's hard to get anything that's 100% American). But apparently US car makers are working on their strengths and farming out the rest. Too bad Honda did not do that with my car!

A few of my Honda Accord problems (which I have never had with any of my American cars) :

1. If cornering a bit fast in the rain, the back will unpredictably slide out, and if you are not experienced with auto crossing, say good bye!

2. I have replaced the wiper switch 3 times, several relays, the ignition switch, and the PRNDL switch 2 times. All were poor quality!

3. The interior is falling apart... Arm rest shattered, seat fell of track and is bolted in one position, and cloth is looking very shabby.

4. Struts (which have been replaced twice) ride good for 15-20K miles then it feels like riding on bricks.

5. The clear coat is flaking off like it's sun burnt.

6. The fuel efficiency is around 17 city / 26 highway (my 91 Plymouth got better then this even after 200K miles).

That is all I can list without raising my blood pressure (and there is a lot more). I tend to go off on people who brag about the quality of their Honda and put down American cars. I have had 8 American cars (purchased new) over the last 24 years, and all 8 of my American cars have been superior to my first and last Honda.

I do have one question for Honda owners? Do you just ignore all the problems you have had, or forget about them? My neighbor drives Honda's, and boasts about their quality... He is always dropping his car off for repairs??? How can you keep boasting with your car in the shop? Must be denial or the anti-American car media has brain washed them.

22nd Jul 2008, 23:58

Motor Trend mag rates cars and of the Accords 1996 is not given a high rating. 1991 is given a high rating. I own both these years. My 91 has 225,000 and 96 has 155,000. I have had to do more major work on the 1996. Check this mag for info.

Hondas are predictable!!!


1st Aug 2009, 19:24

My Honda Civic uses a timing chain, not a belt. But it is not uncommon to find a car with a timing belt. Most cars do have timing belts and not chains.

14th Aug 2009, 13:51

My 1997 Accord has not been a great car. It's had a lot of little things go wrong with it like door locks no longer working, windows that will not go up or down. Those I can deal with, but my biggest disappointment is that it's leaking and using oil. I had always heard so many good things about Honda, but frankly I'm not happy with the service I've had with mine.